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Well we were free and headed round to the Market we were itching to spend some money because we hadn't already!!! Everything was so cheap as well I got the usual magnets, jewelery. I'll loved the old cars and managed to get a carved wooden chevvy the doors and boot actually opened I was fair chuffed and a great carved wooden ballerina too. Gillian swapped her hat for something (and later on someone wanted to swap her t-shirt for something but she thought that was a bit too much) she got rakes as did Karen Ornaments jewelery etc etc. The painting were gorgeous I so wanted one but the thought of humphing it about and getting it framed when I got home put me off maybe next time.

Me and Karen were still looking around when a couple of women stopped and asked if we wanted braids - 10 pesos.

We said we come back to them but as we started walking they started to follow us and then they grabbed Karen and started leading her threw the stalls wow what the hell were they up to!!! I followed right behind they led us out the market stall into a garden area with a fountain and sat karen down. Then they explained 10 pesos per braid and 5 pesos per band yeh right totally at it!!! Karen grabbed her stuff and just said that she misunderstood and we took off it was a scary experience, so if this happens just say no!!! The best place to get it done would be at your resort.

We were to meet our coach at the river and thank god our coach was green unlike the white ones as there were hundreds of them here. We were the first ones back to the coach but just sat outside for a while until some more of the people came back and it started to rain the first time since we'd been there.

It pelted down for about 10 mins and then after like 2 seconds it was as if it had never rained at all. Once all of our party had got back (there's always someone thats late isn't there?). We headed to our next port of call which was El Moro a fort based on the other side of the river so we had to drive under the river to get to the other side. This is where we were going to be able to buy real Cuban Cigars. We were told not to buy the ones that people sold at the market because there could be anything in them. I got a couple of packets of the smaller kind as they were the least expensive kind - one for a guy at work and one for me (I will one day try them).

We were all back to the coach once we had bought our cigars I had to change my flip flops my feet were sliding about and black by now!!! And we were off to our last site seeing building El Capitolio which was built  in 1929 and was the seat of the government until the end of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

When entering the building you are faced with an enormous golden statue (we tried to takes pics but it doesn't saw how big it actually is). The statue is called Statue of the Republic and it had to be shipped over from Italy in three pieces it is the third largest statue that is indoors. It was quite magnificant. Then we were left on our own to explore. Many of the rooms were closed to public view but if you slipped the staff aorund 5 pesos they would let you in for a nosey and some photos. All back to the coach and time to make our way back to the airport.

We started of just in time as the heavens opened once again but this time it wasn't letting up. On our journey back the lightening started and we saw a few floods on our way back. This didn't fill us full of joy as we were getting the plane back it was horendous and Karen was bricking it.

We checked in and went through customs as we were going through there was a small power outage and the machines wouldn't work so eventually they just let us go and we got some munchies while we waited on our flight. Once on the plane the worries of the storm faded into the back ground as you didn't feel anything and we arrived safely at Cayo Coco airport and got the coach back to the hotel. Me and Karen weren't hungry so just stayed in the room and watched films for the rest of the night. We had a fantastic day but I would definitely go back for longer next time!!!

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Well we were to be up bright and early if memory serves me right we were getting picked up at half 6 to go to the airport. We were to go down to the lounge bar and pick up our pre-packed brekkie but none for us - they hadn't put through the slip of paper.  There was a 2 couples going on the same trip and they said the brekkie wasn't that good anyway. The bus came to pick us up to take us to the airport and once through customs I got a ham roll and some water to keep me going. Then we board our nice little plane and head to Havana we are there within the hour.

Once we get there we head outside and jump on our bus and make our way into the City Centre, we get a great look at the countryside and learn some more interesting facts about Cuba.

I was shocked at this that when leaving school you get three choices of which career you would like to take. If there is not an available position of your preferred career you go into the army for I think it was 2 years. Our first stop was revolution square where there is the famous Ministry of Interior Building features the iron mural of Che Guevara's face, The National Library and the Obelisk with a statue of Jose Marti (a 19th Century revolutionary). We had a ten minute pit stop so we could wonder the square and take pictures of the buildings.

Back on the bus and off to our next port of call thank god for air-con!!! When we got of the bus our orders were taken for lunch it was the choice of chicken, beef, fish or veggie. All off and orders taken we started of our walk around the Old Havana.

It was rather scary I must admit people hound you for money whether it be getting a photos, getting characatuers done, playing with instraments etc etc but the city is gorgeous. We made our way down the Plaza de Armes area which is in the east end of old Havana it has lovely old book stalls and then we aquired a little companion a scruffy dog who seemed to want to protect us from all the the folk after money - he'd go total mental and start barking at folk who approached us. Then to El Floridita a well known bar where Hemingway once drank and we made a pit stop at a little bar to try Mojitos!!! I settled for a sprite to clench my thirst instead but had a sip of Gillians (I thought it was rank but each to their own!!). When we left our little companion had disappeared.

We headed along the streets to Cathedral Square where we had lunch.

The place was fantastic in an old building, there were an abundance of plants in the centre and birds could fly freely as there was no ceiling. They had a women singing in the corner while playing the piano and we all chose our seats. After this we we're going to be let loose on our own to explore we couldn't wait to get away so that we could hit the market and spend some of our money (typical girls eh?). Our meals were served and holy crap it was like a whole chicken!!! Well at least we got our moneys worth I suppose. We couldn't eat it all so we sneakily fed a grey cat that had wondered in I loved this place it was so relaxed yet seemed really posh. And for the love of me I can't remember the name of the place.

photo by: mario26