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Well up bright and early this morning to get to the airport for our 7.30 flight from Edinburgh Airport to Manchester Airport. We thought to be on the safe side we should make our way there for 7 so Karen and her mum came and picked me and Gillian up from my flat in town for the 15 min journey to the airport. OMG we are all so excited but I am so dreading the 9 hour flight from Manchester to Cuba.

We get to the airport check in and go through to the waiting area. This is only the 2nd time I've been on a holiday having to fly! My first time in a plane was last year when I went to benidorm. Edinburgh Airport is smaller than Glasgow which makes it easier cos there's no way your going to get lost.

Little peckish now so me and karen head for Starbucks she gets a latte and cake and I get a bacon sarnie and water. I don't drink tea or coffee weird I know. Gillian goes and grabs something from the cafe. We only have to wait half an hour and our flight is ready to board.

Get on the plane and its so tiny a cute - row of single seats on one site and rows of 2 on the other. We grab our seats and set of for Manchester we're there within the hour it was so quick!! Right now we have to get our bags and check in for the flight to Cuba. OMG Manchester Airport is flipping massive we have to ask for directions about 10 times before we managed to find our desk and the queue seemed never ending.

Well we have a few hours to kill more food since its lunch time and mags for the plane.   Oooooohhh duty free I am determined not to go mad that will be on the way back. So I treat myself to some perfume since I forgot to bring some with me CK Summer thinking back it wasn't even £20 bargain!!! So once we've done all that we find our gate and settle into our seats to wait for our gate to open. Theres tension in the room tho theres loads of people feed up cos their flight has been delayed to Sharm El Sheikh by two hours - tests are being carried out. Then we find out that ours is going to be delayed for the same reason we were a bit luckier tho it was only for about half an hour and yippee we're on the plane!!! Were not sitting right next to each other but we're not bothered!!!

Now the dreaded 9 hour journey to our destination eek!!! What films are on? The only one I can remember was Enchanted but there were another couple of good ones that kept me going. And to be honest the journey flew in (pardon the pun) I didn't even sleep must have been the excitement.

We got to the Airport around 6ish and OMG was I bricking it after stories of the guards being really harsh and not to look them in the eye, magazines will be confiscated etc etc but no it was all fine. A poor couple did get searched tho the sniffer dog (a cute little spaniel) went for their cases. They had to get a taxi to the hotel. We got on our coach and headed to our hotel.

We did pass some dives on the way there so was a little worried but when we got to ours in was gorgeous and they had some of the staff doing a little dance for us. I was so jealous they are amazing dancers!! Checked in and went up to our rooms and I don't know what we expected but we got three massive king sized beds - one each whoop whoop!!

After the long journey we went down for a bite to eat and headed back to bed for an early night. We decided to explore the next day.

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photo by: vances