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So I spent 4 months deployed in Europe. But had the best time traveling to different countries. Although most of my time was spent in Germany, I did venture to France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Luxembourg and Ireland. I learned a lot about other cultures and am very happy that I live in the US. Now don't get me wrong, I would travel there in a heartbeat and recommend to others to see the world if given an opportunity. I am just glad that I get to come home at the end of it.

Germany was awesome and I can't wait to go back. I was stationed at Ramstein, traveled to Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl, and Idar-Oberstein. I didn't take many photos of K-town and Landstuhl because they were too Americanized. Idar-Oberstein was nice. Very quiet, quaint little town.

Paris, France was dirty and busy, plus the people are extremely rude! The Eifel Tower was probably the most spectacular sight I have ever seen. I didn't actually go up the tower, bacause the lines were extremely long. I would recommend that if you make the drive from Ramstein to Paris (5 hours) like we did, stand in line and go up the tower. The Louvre was amazing. I love Italian art, so I am biased to it. Although a little pricey to enter, pay the fee and spend some time appreciating what it has to offer. Again, amazing!!

Milan, Italy was not the best place to base an opinion on. I never got a chance to see Florence, which I heard is beautiful. Milan doesn't really have much to see. The metro system is very easy to use. The Gothic Cathedral was sweet! If you want to see the Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da-Vinci, make you reservations in advance. You will NOT get tickets if you just walk up to the door.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg is very expensive! Make sure to take a lot of Euro, because lunch will cost you at least 20 euro alone. There was a ton of shopping and lots of little shops to get sweet stuff from.

Maastricht, Holland  had the best lasagna that I have ever eaten! The St. Petersburg Caves were awesome. The city itself didn't have much. Lots of bikes so renting one to get around is probably your best bet. Lots of places to eat that are fairly priced. The river that seperates the old city from the new city is where you will find the only souvenier shop in the city! So make sure to go there last so you don't have to tote all your keepsakes around with you.

Bern, Switzerland was probably the most georgeous city I have ever seen in my life. Expensive, but so worth it. Make sure to climb the the top of the Cathedral (yes, the very top) so you can see the spectacular Swiss Alps. I could have stayed up there all day if my group would have allowed me too. Swiss chocolate isn't all that's it cracked up to be. Besides the price, I couldn't tell the difference from chocolate here in the states. Cheese on the other had was delicious. I would recommend getting some or least sampling it while you are there.

Dublin, Ireland was where I spent my 25th birthday! One word to sum it up: Total Awesomeness!!! (ok that was 2 words). The must sees: Guiness Factory, Jameson Distillery, City Center, The Kilmainham Jail (didn't get to see it), the Dublin Castle, and St. Patick's Cathedral. If you want to see the Blarney Stone, you have to travel to Cork, Ireland. I had the best time ever here, and can't wait till I get to go back.

So now I've shared a little of my travels with you, and have attached photos for all to see. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions, I'll do my best to answer!!!


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