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View from the Majestic View Lodge
All I could think about on the ride back to Majestic View Lodge was FOOD. We past a farm with a few elk, bison, cows, and ostrich grazing...mmm meat...they looked tasty. All during our hike, I kept hydrated with Gatorade and water but I hadn't eaten anything solid since breakfast so now my tummy was roaring!

At the lodge, I was the first one out of the car and headed straight to the Majestic View Steakhouse and Saloon. The others were so devoid of energy that they were lagging way behind me. The hostess sat us, a party of 7, next to the window with a marvelous mountain view. Jenn was so exhausted all she wanted to do was sleep.

We were all famished...we inhaled the 4 baskets of bread and garlic butter before we ordered any food! After two shared appetizers, one bottle of red wine, soup or salad, beef or pork entree, and 1 brownie a la mode dessert for all to share.
View from the Majestic View Lodge
..we were stuffed (Review to follow)! I was so full that I had to get moving again so I planned to go to the pool.

We hauled all our gear to the rooms (Review to follow)...Me, Nancy, Sheila, and Nhi in one room, and Jenn, Sal, RJ, and BiG in the other. I convinced Nancy to come out to the pool with me. I was told the pool would be heated but it wasn't . So Nancy and I relaxed under the stars in the super hot and bubbly jacuzzi. Slowly easing into the jacuzzi reminded me of the Loony Toons Cartoon with Elmer Fudd boiling a huge cauldron of water for soup and Bugs Bunny thinking it was a hot bath...hahaha...flashback!

Soaking in the jacuzzi was so nice...relieving the aches and pains. Sal was suppose to join us as well but he didn't show...I figured he passed out from exhaustion and food coma combined. Nancy and I conversed with two middle-aged women from Texas soaking in the jacuzzi...they hiked the Watchman Trail? in Zion and recommended it to us. Hmmm...maybe for our next visit to Zion...anyone interested?

The two ladies left and soon after so did Nancy so I was alone in the jacuzzi under the stars. But not for long though because Jenn had awoken from her slumber and wanted to chill in the jacuzzi too. The breeze began to pick up and the body parts that weren't underwater were freezing so we both headed back to the rooms to rest.

When I got back to the room, everyone else was asleep and soon after, so was I.
jenn79 says:
Ah! I was wondernig where the food pics were!
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
acowboy says:
AWESOME blog... = )
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
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View from the Majestic View Lodge
View from the Majestic View Lodge
View from the Majestic View Lodge
View from the Majestic View Lodge
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