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Nhi snoozing!
After such an awesome time with Jenn (jenn79) and Sal (sincitytraveler) in Palm Springs in August, I was so down for another hiking and meteor watching adventure. Sal knew of a meteor shower destined to grace our atmosphere on Oct. 22 but since that was a week day, viewing it was seemingly impossible. I don't remember who suggested it but a great idea was proposed...a weekend trip just before the meteor shower to Zion National Park for hiking, camping, campfire, smores, and scanning the night sky for early meteors.

Since I was going to be in Hawaii (blog coming soon) for two weeks beforehand, Jenn and Sal planned and organized the whole thing with making reservations at a campsite, figuring out ownership of tents and sleeping bags, and asking folks if they can drive. While I was in Hawaii, I didn not have access to the internet, so as soon as I got home on October 16th, I logged on to find several hundred email messages...many from Jenn. Plans have changed...people have dropped longer camping...instead staying at a lodge near the park...need one more driver to Utah...trunk space tight so only pack 1 bag...etc. 

Friday evening rolls around and I am still jet-lagged and still have lasting effects of a sickness I had last week. Sheila called to say she will be at my house in 20 minutes. Then I get a text from Jenn that she'll pick me up in 10 minutes and that Nhi just got home and we will pick her up last and if I have a screwdriver to attach her license plates. If Sheila's late I have no idea what we are going to do.

Jenn parks her car blocking my drive way and runs up and big hugs and says "Missed you...OMG you are SO TAN!". Just then Sheila drives by and parks up the street. With screwdriver in hand I put on Jenn's plates while she helps Sheila move her stuff into the trunk.

We pick up Nhi and we debate on which is the best freeway to take because ALL eastbound freeways will have traffic. I tell Jenn to take the 210 because it is a newer freeway and therefore will have smoother roads whereas the 10 just all around sucks! The 210 it was...past Pasadena and Monrovia to the 15 freeway north.

Even though Sheila brought a Trader Joe's bag full of snacks, we wanted something more substantial since we'd be in Vegas way too late for dinner. We stop in Barstow for Del Taco soft tacos (Jenn), In N Out double-doubles animal style (Sheila & I), and Cold Stone Creamery (Nhi & I). With hunger satiated,  Vegas here we come!

jenn79 says:
OMG I love this entry!! I honestly don't remember reading it the first time!! Thank you for putting my plates on darling!!! =) I missed you tons!! =)
Posted on: Sep 17, 2009
pvtjoy says:
That picture of Nhi is priceless - can we use it for blackmail?
Just kidding...Wouldn't do it to my beautiful LA Core Crew!
I love you guys!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
jenn79 says:
Hehee! You and your attention to detail! =) Next time - s'mores for sure!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
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Nhi snoozing!
Nhi snoozing!