Meeting Liz from UK and Mario from Romania in August.

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Mario and me.

It was 2 weeks before my big Latin America trip, I was slowly getting into the right travelling mood. Couldn’t believe that it was getting so close already, I’ve been pretty busy with work and doing the preparations though. At that time two travbuddies were supposed to visit Bratislava independently from each other and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet them. Liz from UK was coming with her friends for a stopover on the way to Budapest on Thursday (leaving Friday) and Marius from Romania would be in Bratislava during the weekend.


I was supposed to meet with Liz and her friends Thursday evening first at 6:30pm as I wouldn’t manage to leave the office earlier.

The paparazzi and Mario.
Later I received a message from Liz if we couldn’t meet later, apparently there were some problems to get the right taxi as one of the guys was sitting in a wheelchair. Well, I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but Bratislava is really not the friendliest city to people in wheelchairs. I have a good friend in Germany who’s sitting in a wheelchair as well and we had some little troubles as well when he came to visit me. But the fact that there was no taxi at the airport able to transport a wheelchair sounded just bad. Somehow they managed to get to their hotel suddenly even if they had to improvise a bit as I heard afterwards. It was around 8:30pm when I arrived at the agreed meeting place in the front of the president’s palace and I saw Liz waving. There she was, sitting on the side of a fountain together with her 3 friends, had no problems to recognize her at all, though the wheelchair was an extra hint.
Me with a Japanese guy we met in "Slovak Pub".

After the greetings and introducing to each other I quickly remembered my Bratislava TB ambassador duties ( haha) and took over the “oh so” responsible role of a guide. Had to be a bit careful this time as steps were a no go with the wheelchair. Our first stop was a tobacco shop. My new friends used an expression for cigarettes I didn’t know, but realized quickly enough that I didn’t know what they meant, haha. The cigarettes are getting more and more expensive every year in Slovakia , but they are still cheaper then in Western Europe . Though I’m a non smoker I knew where the specialized tobacco shop was…thanks to previous foreign friends who expressed the same wish. Nevertheless, we arrived late…some 7 minutes after the shop closed. Late. Bad luck. We walked slowly direction the old center and talked meanwhile about everything possible. As everybody seemed to be pretty hungry I tried to shorten the guiding tour and to get us to some place with good food. The problem were again the steps. Unfortunately many of Bratislava ’s restaurants and bars have   the same characteristic. They are either down in the cellers or up in the first floors of the buildings. Then I had the saving idea, Primi, the place where I celebrated my birthday was accessible also for people sitting in wheelchairs. Couple of minutes later I arrived there with 4 starving English buddies. And guess what…the place was full!!! Damned, it looked bad. I looked quickly around, there seemed to be a free table further by the bar, but we had to get down some 4-5 steps. Well, the hunger made us handle this obstacle and soon we were finally sitting by a table. The dinner was fine, the portions quite big…too big for some of them, haha. After the dinner the guys felt quite tired (they’ve been travelling since early morning) so we just did a walk to their hotel below the Bratislava castle. We said goodbye, they were supposed to travel to Budapest the following day and I had to work. Isn’t life unfair sometimes? Hahaha…  

Unfortunately I have no picture from this meetup as I borrowed the camera to my parents just a couple of days before. Bad luck.


It was Saturday afternoon when I recived a message on my cellphone. It was travbuddy Marius. He was in Bratislava ’s Irish Pub “The Dubliner” watching a football match of his favourite team the Celtics. I messaged him back that I would be there in about an hour. It wasn’t the most pleasant summer Saturday, rather a rainy day, not too cold though. I entered “The Dubliner” and asked myself if I will recognize Marius quickly. Well, he did recognize me quite quickly, haha. He was standing by the bar and waved me. The match was still going on, so Marius ordered us two beers. I was honestly surprised about his English, it didn’t sound like from a foreigner…it sounded British. Despite this fact Marius assured me that he has never lived there…wow.

Later on we went to another pub where we could sit down. The weather outside wasn’t anyway the best one and Marius did already some sightseeing on his own. We talked a lot about many different things, really enjoyed it. We finished the night in Slovak Pub where we went afterwards. Here we got something to eat and some further beers. It was a nice evening and night, I honestly enjoyed hanging out with Marius and talking. If I get to Cluj Napoca in Romania one day, I will contact him for sure.     

Marius1981 says:
hey Martin
hope i'll see ya again soon mate!
Posted on: Jul 27, 2009
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Mario and me.
Mario and me.
The paparazzi and Mario.
The paparazzi and Mario.
Me with a Japanese guy we met in …
Me with a Japanese guy we met in …
photo by: Vagabondatheart