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View from Alison's house. The 'x' is from a wire barrier to prevent me from jumping.
Alison's dining room, 3:00pm

My luggage and I are both in Santiago; made it safe and sound.  My last flight was long, around 8 or 9 hours, but very empty!  I had a window/aisle pair to myself, with nobody in front of or behind me.  They treated us like first class--complimentary wines, beer, cuervo, liquour, whatever.  Warmed cloth to wash face, small packs containing socks, eye cover, toothbrush and paste. 

Arriving in Chile was mostly smooth.  I had to surrender my raw almonds that I always have at customs.  I finished my dried pears on the plane but not the almonds.  Oh well.  My cab driver was waiting for me.  I had quite a time finding a money exchange which was open, and my debit card didn't seem to work in the ATM that I tried.
View from Alison's house at sunset.
  I hope I will find some place to use the ATM, otherwise I am hosed for money on this trip.  I got to Alison's pretty late; we watched t.v. and visited for about an hour before calling it a night. 

Her apartment is super nice and comfy.  It is on the 13th floor and has a view of the skyscrapers backed by a beautiful snow-peaked mountain.  My plan this morning (after sleeping 7 or 8 hours) was to take the metro train downtown to Santiago's Plaza de Armas, the central commons.  There are some old churches and museums that I want to visit.  Alison loaned me a map and her metro card and gave directions to her office so I could pick up the spare house key.  She left for work, and even after tea and breakfast, I felt like laying down.  I slept about 4 hours and finally made myself get up around 2pm.
Walking back from dinner...Santiago is full of lovely parks with fountains.
  If I can fall asleep right after tea, I guess my body needed the sleep.  I could have slept more, but I want to go somewhere tomorrow, hence, sleeping tonight is a good idea.  I'm having some white tea now, then I'll head out for a walk.  I guess I just felt like I wanted to chill out today and make sure I rest enough to not get sick like I did last time I was in South America.

The Spanish is a bit frustrating for me.  I can get done what I need to, using context and the words I know (I rocked it on the airplane) but if I don't have a visual context for the conversation, then I don't know how to answer most of the time.  Starting to get hungry, so I'll take a snack, then figure on dinner around 7 or 8pm.  Dinner is late here, so we'll see what is open.  I skipped lunch; need to go out and find some bottled water.
Walking home from dinner...there are old churches sprinkled throughout the city, even in areas not downtown!
  Don't want to chance it with the tap water.

A nice little Park, 6:00pm

The parks here are small and frequent.  Very cute!  Lots of large rocks and little pathways that just invite you to follow them.  Very unique, and this one has a fountain.  The views of the Andes from Ali's office are amazing!  Snow-capped peaks.  Sky is more blue now than this morning.  Got warm with two shirts on.  I was surprised how warm it got this afternoon.  Looking forward to dinner.  I love the food in Chile. 

Post dinner

To add to my blunders list that I started in the airports--when I got back to Alison's building this afternoon, I went up the elevator and found no apartment 135!  I was confused and thought perhaps I was wrong on the floor number, or perhaps the room number?  But the keys listed both as I remembered them.  I even tried the keys in 134 or 136 to be sure, but of course, they didn't work!  How embarrassing, trying other people's locks!  Finally it ocurred to me maybe there is a different elevator for evens and odds!  When I got to floor 1, the door man was already looking for me!  He directed me to another set of elevators around the corner.  Wow. 

Anyways, Ali got home not long after, and we went to dinner at a pretty nice seafood restaurant.

  I tried a traditional dish called Chupe which is basically crustless pot pie of crab and cheese.  Rich and yummy.  Also tried a cold fish salad called Ceviche, similar to lomi lomi salmon that we have here in Hawaii.  Had my obligitory Pisco sour (have to have one while i'm here!) which is the famous local drink.  I've never seen Pisco anywhere but South America.  Walking back from the restaurant, I used an ATM and it worked fine, just had to select the 'foreign' option for my card.  We passed a quaint little church, lit beautifully at night, across from another fountain park.  Very beautifully laid out city!

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View from Alisons house.  The x…
View from Alison's house. The 'x…
View from Alisons house at sunset.
View from Alison's house at sunset.
Walking back from dinner...Santiag…
Walking back from dinner...Santia…
Walking home from dinner...there a…
Walking home from dinner...there …
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