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8:15pm Lima Airport

I sure haven't had much time to write.  Whirlwind of a trip!!  I fell asleep writing in this thing a couple of times.  So much happened that it will be hard to catch up.  I guess I'll just try to write and sort it out later.  My flight is at 12:30am so I have 4 hours to wait.  Looking forward to the flight so I can pass out!  I guess I should get dinner while I am here but I'm not that hungry.  Lunch was plenty filling. 

I saw some amazing things this week, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of not being in a familiar culture. 

Yesterday on the train from Aguas Calientes to Cusco, I was so sleepy, but couldn't fall asleep!  All 3 of my table companions were speaking Spanish, so I could not even concentrate enough to follow the conversation.  Too sleepy.  I had drunk 2 or 3 waters plus a powerade before the train, so I kept having to get up and pee.  Eventually, toward the end of the trip, things got entertaining...

The stewardess and stewards put on a show!  At first it was a traditional Peruvian dance from a guy wearing a mask and carrying a small stuffed alpaca.  It was really bizarre.  He would stroke the alpaca with this weird glove mit made of alpaca wool.  Then he started tromping up and down the train aisle, doing various movements.  Not bad for being on a moving train.  If you never walked on a moving train, it is hard to appear as sober as you actually are. 

After the dance (to traditional pan pipe music) they had a fashion show of alpaca textile sweaters, shawls, ponchos, etc.  The lady was pretty slick at the catwalk strut, again, especailly considering the moving train aspect.  The guy, bless his heart, wasn't cut out for modeling.  After such a long day, it was nice to be entertained.  They put on ABBA music for the fashion show.  Dancing Queen, of course.  I have been hearing a lot of ABBA here!  Maybe it is the coca leaf...

We arrived back in Cusco, happy to see that a taxi was awaiting us at the train station.  The Hostel Cusi Wasi was a bit underwhelming after their photos and descriptions.  See my review for more details...

My body doesn't like Cusco much, as I awoke with a pounding headache.  However, I seem to be pretty much back to normal.  Looking forward to passing out at Zach's place.  It's been an amazing week!
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photo by: rsvpme