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Her door’s always closed, my daughter’s. But
before school I’m the nagging type of Dad—you know, the “bed, teeth, and hair”
type. Make the bed, brush your teeth, and fix your hair kind of reminder; A bark
I’m sure my kids haven’t really heard consciously in years. Anyway, after
chasing down stray crickets in the living room from the clumsy way I decide to
feed the toads, I decide to take some of my own advice and prep for our daily
departure. My boy, the smooth and easy one, sits quietly in the bathroom
brushing his teeth obediently. He knows the routine and finds comfort in just
getting the hard stuff out of the way. His bed is made, his backpack idling

I knock before I enter my children’s rooms when the door is closed, and as stated
previously, it’s an always when it comes to my daughter’s. I am surprised to
discover her jumping on her bed with fake cell phone to her ear, the music on
her stereo a moderate tone to bounce to. I’ve grown accustomed to wonderful
surprises my second grader is capable of. She does let me have both barrels of
her annoyance with my interruption, that I’ve witnessed her reveling in her
happy place. Bouncy girls don’t like to be grounded to schedules.

We leave the house a little late today as we decided to switch out her ladybug
earrings for the dangly penguin ones- losing yet another plastic back to the
mysteries of her creamy shag carpet. I got my kiss in front of her school
alright, but most importantly, I got her lesson that while schedules are easy to
follow, finding life in a sliver of freedom is much more fun.

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photo by: Bulldog1up