A Single Parents Holiday Checklist

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Despite the
uncontrollable expletive that came from my lips as a trucker gifted my
windshield with a lovely bittersweet ‘ping’ during my predawn commute, I came up
with some survival tips for this year’s holiday season for the single parent-

-Get a cheap bottle of wine and a candle. Find out if
Jack is truly nimble after a few belts..

-Rearrange the furniture. Every room. Then pretend
you’ve been gifted a new house..

-Turn up your amplifier real loud and give the neighbors
some electric cheer..

-Repaint the living room- get help with the color (if

-Avoid retail therapy, it doesn’t work. Instead, plan
your next vacation..

-Practice your moves- surfing, lido shuffle, the

-Make a treasure hunt in your home for the kids using
STICK ‘EM notes..

-Take the snow shovel and ‘pretend’ to shovel the
invisible snow, giving the Gladys Kravitz’s of your neighborhood a little
holiday entertainment. (Bewitched reference)..

-Shoot rubberbands into the
Christmas tree and see just how far your kitty’s willing to leap. Extra bonus
points for each ornament that gets tagged..

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photo by: Bulldog1up