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Dear all,
Another quick note to let you know I'm alive.  My dear friend and hostess Ayesha was a surrogate sister to a boy cousin groom who has none (being related through males I guess she's the next best thing).  The wedding was amazing and complete with all the traditions, including the henna events, the horse that wasn't, fabulous saris and other accoutrements, and three days of parties (as one uncle put it: "No one has time for five days any more!").  Baby Lyla was gorgeous in all variety of traditional costumes and danced her little heart out to Bollywood songs and BIG drums despite having her cheeks way over-pinched.
Today was the first day I didn't sleep in.  I know, it's pathetic!  I spent the day in Old Delhi with Ayesha and Cameron's overprotective driver Rohit (and erstwhile great tour guide).  Matt E. keeps promising me a freak-out here, but I've yet to have one.  It's true, Old Delhi is quite hectic, in the you-can-get-everything-and-see-everything-in-one-place kind of way (wandering goats, a gentleman washing himself at a water spigot--perhaps the same guy noted by Matt's mom oh so many years ago, how can three plumbing fixture shops in a row stay open there???).  However, since I personally tried and survived various forms of transport and yummy food (surviving the former being a much greater feat), I'd say if Old Delhi's the craziest it gets, I'm gonna be OK.  It's kind of like Mbare market all crammed into the winding streets of Seville for those of you who know them (except I didn't see any roasted field mice).  Visiting with Rohit may have helped to keep some people off me, which I'll test tomorrow.
Tomorrow I'm going on walkabout to Agra and Jaipur.  The Taj Mahal (in Agra) is supposed to be the most aggressive, obnoxious tourist spot in the country but a must-see nonetheless.  I'll be back in Delhi on 2/9.
Love you and miss you, but not that much.
xox, L
P.S.  My spots are MUCH better.  Some might say "natural course," some might say "sleep"--I've got my money on the prayer the bangle guy said for me when he put them on my wrists during a wedding ceremony.  I have a consult with an ayurved planned for later in the month.
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