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OK OK, I'm not a total nitwit.  I know that the Dalai Lama is not a LLAMA.  Just goes to show how fast my mind was spinning that I made that mistake in my last email.  Just goes to show how slow all of your minds are that not one of you noticed.  Maybe no one's reading...
Well, I finally made it to the ayurvedic hospital.  It was quite a trek to get here of the taxi-bus-plane-bus-plane-taxi-ferry-hike-(sleep)-hike-tuk tuk-ferry-bus-car variety.  I'm in rural Kerala, one of the southernmost states in India at Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram ( being treated by Vaidya (Doctor) Vijith, who is the real deal for ayurveds.  For those of you who are thinking "spa": don't.  It'  Think: the Griswolds'--I mean, our family's--first bush camp (on the Zambezi).  Great service, incredibly knowledgeable people, basic amenitites.
Still, I'm not complaining.  I get told when to eat (and what), meditate, scrape my tongue, relax, etc.  (I feel bad for the one other patient who was not allowed to eat proper food for days...)  Each day I also get a philosophical lecture about the nature of health or diet or healing or the meaning of life, plus an herbal scrub massage/rinse each evening.  This stuff is magic: the mosquitos don't even land on me.  My spots are really really almost gone but the big idea is getting to some real healing.  Vijith's basic question is: germs are all around us, why did I react like this to strep at this time?  The ayurvedic punchline is: I'm basically EARTHY, but I have a lot of FIRE I need to get out.  We're working on chilling me out.
Love you and miss you all.
Your hot mama,
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