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Dear all,
Just a quick note to tell you I arrived in Delhi last night without any trouble.  I slept nearly the whole flight except when they were rather noisily feeding us.  There were quite a number of people on the flight all heading to the same ashram.  Would have been interesting to talk to them if I'd been awake...
The airport in Delhi was a very reasonable scene but getting fetched there by my friend Ayesha's driver was fabulous.  He brought me straight back here to her house, thus my only impressions of Delhi thusfar are that traffic rules (e.g., lanes) are mere suggestions.  I highly recommend landing in any developing country this way.  Note to self...
Here I skulked around a bit looking at their photos, had a shower then went back to bed.  I arrived at what was apparently 5:55.  Sadly, I had NO IDEA if that was am or pm, either by the light outside or the traffic or people's clothes.  Since Ayesha and family were due back at 7 pm, I figured I should get dressed in case they were soon to be home.  (Thankfully, the waning light outside after my shower confirmed this hunch.)  She and husband Cameron and ABSOLUTE ANGEL baby Lyla arrived home shortly, we had a lovely supper, now they're off to sleep.  I am, amazingly, after 14+17 hours of sleep, not very tired.  I may turn once again to my now dear friend, Benadryl, to get back to sleep.
I'm still not certain what my plan will be.  Ayesha's fairly confident that she can refer me to an ayurved who can help me with my, ahem, problem.  Thus, I may spend a few weeks "detox-ing" which wouldn't be bad at all.
I'm not sure I'll email much, but I will stay safe.  Feel free to forward this message around, as I've only sent it to one address/person in a household/community.  Thanks to all of you who helped me get here.
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