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David arranging the suitcases so he can sleep on them on the ferry

David, Ben and I boarded the new ferry.   It was a long ride......   David and I accidently lost Ben when we first got on the boat.  We both looked for about an hour then I sat in one place while David searched alone.  We were not able to make connections.   David and I first tried to sit and relax at a little table but we were too tired.   We finally decided to go to the very top deck that was partially sheltered.  It was breezy but not freezing.   We cable locked our suitcases and backpacks together anticipating that we would be fast asleep and they would be safe.   David stretched on one half of the bench and I stretched out on the other half... (head to head except for the luggage barrier)....   David went to sleep and I drifted in and out.

pot with geranium ~ Fira
.  twice people came and sat at tables near us and woke me up.  It seemed odd that they were unconcerned.  

The second guys came about 1 AM....  They sat at a table about 20 feet from us and had a very loud conversation ..... I sat up dazedly and sat and stared fixedly at them. .... really in a sleep induced stupor....  They glanced and glanced and finally wound up looking at me  as they talked......and about the time I woke up enough to realize I was staring straight at them  ... they left looking  uncomfortable....   I laughed about it later .... but I felt bad at the time for my rudeness.     David slept through it all.....   I laid back down after a while but I still didn't sleep well.

Our suitcases and day packs with the cable lock

Eventually it was 2 AM and we gathered our things to go to the lower deck.  We immediatley saw Ben and asked him where he had been....  he too had searched for us.... but it apparently meeting  up wasn't in the cards ....  We decided to go to the same hostel he was going to as we didn't have any reservations and we would be arriving at 2:30 AM..... 

When we stepped off the ferry ....despite the hour.... there were quite a few motel owners with signs and pictures of their lodgings meeting the ferry to get we would have found somewhere definately.  We were really interested in this as we intend to go back later and we'll again travel without reservations.

our hotel breakfast area ~ villa Manos

Villa Manos was a real find for us.   We rode a ferry with a man that had a reservation there and we decided to try it.  (It was 2:30 AM in the morning and we had no reservations ... we had decided to contact one of the vendors who meet the ferries...)   The Villa Manos driver met us at the ferry and drove us up the long snakey road to the top.... Amazing curves... I didn't even get car sick I was so shocked at how twisted the road was.... despite the curves and up hill the tour buses were passing us ... in the dark ... on the curves....  Yikes... It was exciting....

We met in the lobby of the motel/hostel and were served a glass of red wine....  The manager explained a bit about the area and passed out a pamphlet with available tours.

swimming pool at Villa Manos
..  We were assigned rooms...  David and I got a second story room .... It was a quad room... When we first walked in there were twin beds, a bathroom with a shower, then the second room had a double bed.  It had a kitchen table and chairs, standing closet, medium size refrigerator, dressing table and a wonderful balcony with a second table and chairs set.  We could not believe we got it for $25.00 total.   The bathroom window was high and I could hear a fountain bubbling.  

The next morning we found there was a beautiful swimming pool and a jaccuzzi tub.  (in two different areas....)   The front area of the motel had tables and chairs.  For five Euro we had a breakfast of toast, jelly, butter, egg, and some olives.

edge of building
  They served orange juice and coffee with no extra cost. 

We ate and Ben and David talked to a man who delivered the car.   I wandered around taking pictures and wishing they would finish.   Finally they completed the paperwork.  David and I both had international driver's licences and signed up as secondary drivers.   Ben was bringing out his GPS and the man said not to use it or we would drive over a cliff...  OH.... well, we don't want that.  Apparently the island is not well documented for the GPS.... So we got a map out and headed to the car.

missandrea81 says:
I can't believe you found a place to stay for 25 Euros. I was in Santorini last month and am planning to come back for a week or so. If I can get the same price I'll stay two. haha
Posted on: Nov 24, 2009
margmack says:
picture perfect postcard photos.......Greek Islands are definitely beautiful!
Posted on: Dec 30, 2008
strategos says:
really beautiful picts! so how did u like the island!??!? which areas did u visit? im glad u went there cause i believe its the most beutiful island greece has!
by the way... if i understood correctly i think that u were not rude... but they were!
Posted on: Dec 10, 2008
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David arranging the suitcases so h…
David arranging the suitcases so …
pot with geranium ~ Fira
pot with geranium ~ Fira
Our suitcases and day packs with t…
Our suitcases and day packs with …
our hotel breakfast area ~ villa M…
our hotel breakfast area ~ villa …
swimming pool at Villa Manos
swimming pool at Villa Manos
edge of building
edge of building
courtyard of villa manos
courtyard of villa manos
the paving of the courtyard ~ vill…
the paving of the courtyard ~ vil…
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the jacazzi @ villa manos
breakfast area~villa manos
breakfast area~villa manos
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dates? on tree ~ by breakfast are…
this is the Villa Manos motel the …
this is the Villa Manos motel the…
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