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Our hippie life started fully when we began taking yoga lessons yesterday. They give beginners’ lessons in this ashram we are living at every morning and afternoon, and just to mention the price level – one lesson costs 1,5 euros!!!! I just love this country with its prices. Also eating and sleeping is really cheap; just with two euros you get a lot of stuff at the restaurants. For this room in the ashram we pay for a double room with a Ganges view about 6 euros per night. Not bad at all.


Anyway, I feel it quite well in my muscles that we started doing yoga yesterday. The lessons are great; it’s Hatha yoga and something completely different than in “Yliopistoliikunta” (at my Uni).

Every lesson finishes with recitation of Om and some other mantras, and during the lesson the yogin goes through different poses. Doing yoga here in India really gives you a different feeling than in the Western countries. Here it all makes a reasonable point and you understand all the philosophy behind yoga so much better.


Today and yesterday we had a long walk in the nearby areas. Rishikesh is surrounded by these really green hills with jungle type of forests full of monkeys and other animals. Yesterday we tried to explore a hindu temple which was in the end too far. We started at 400 metres and finished in 950 metres and there was still 3 kilometres to go… On the way there were Indian boys who wanted to take photos of me.

It’s too weird that they communicate only with Nico about it and then they refer to me with the pronoun “this”. This happened today: “Can we take a photo? Is this yours?” (this question was addressed to Nico about me) “This is very nice!” (referring to me, addressed to Nico) “Is this your friend?” (still about me…).  I’m quite glad that I’m not travelling just by myself, which would be far too interesting…




It’s almost a week that we are here in Rishikesh and finally I could forget European way of thinking. I’m immerged in the “Idea that I had supposed India had”. I feel relaxed, time is only a dimension to fill, not to follow, my mind is clear and I use it to think about myself, my feelings and, of course, my thoughts.


Having yoga lessons two times a day means that your only appointment is to have more consciousness on your interior state, and the rest of the day could only be the continuation of this spiritual path. India is known as “a religious country”, but I think that instead it is spiritual. Here everyone can be religious on his own way, even atheists, so spirituality explains better than religiousness this phenomenon.

Now my personal commitment is to bring with me that “Idea”, also when the circumstances, like extreme poorness or urban chaos push on the other side. 


Today we had a great walk to the Kunja Puri temple. It’s very far from Rishikesh. We followed a path into the forest which -while we kept climbing higher- got more and more isolated and cleaner from garbage. In this fresh, green jungle, we passed 4 hours and found isolated houses and villages without roads, lights or tourists. There were only people that live there with small fields to cultivate ad cows to breed. Finally we reached the top, after one hundred steps and then we saw the first, heavenly view on the Himalaya range. Last but not least, as it can happen only in India, I had a nice conversation with a wise, cultured, red-dressed religious man.

aditany says:
i want to visit an ashram when i am in india. am quite a yoga chick. any tips welcomed, or anywhere else in india for that matter. so far i only have chandigarh and new delhi and agra on my list.
Posted on: Apr 20, 2009
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