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Happy Diwali! It’s the Hindus Christmas today in India. Diwali is the celebration of lights when people buy gifts to each other and do fireworks. We arrived today to Rishikesh, which they say is the centre of yoga. Rishikesh is situated on the first hills of Himalaya and it became famous when the Beatles spent couple of months here in the ashram of Maharishi Manesh.


Leaving Delhi was a relief.

I think we found our hell at the Old Delhi train station yesterday evening when we were waiting for our train. You can’t imagine how many people can be at that train station at the same time, and not only people but also animals, especially rats and dogs. It’s like Stockmann’s Crazy Days all the time with animals and really poor and dirty people. The Old Delhi station is something so disgusting that you really don’t want to spend time there. Unfortunately in India the trains are always late - ours arrived three hours after the scheduled time. At that station everything is dirty, rats are running all over the place and there are far too many people everywhere. Besides this everyone is staring at you because you are the only white person in the whole place… Anyway, we finally got into the train and into our beds. Having your own bed in the night train is really a luxury thing in India. Most of the Indians are travelling like animals – inside these really dirty animal wagons are that many people that can fit into it, the rest is hanging outside from the steel parts of the door.
These nasty spiders were on our way when we did some trekking on the hills next to Rishikesh. They were huge.
Can you imagine doing an eight-hour-train-trip hanging outside from the wagon? So obviously they don’t respect any security regulations we might have in Europe about these things…


From Delhi’s chaos we ended up on the Himalayan hills where we are planning to spend at least a couple of weeks. Today we walked around looking for a nice ashram to stay at and to take some yoga lessons. We found one that has simple but clean rooms with the view to the Ganges where you could also take yoga lessons every morning with the price of 100 rupies (=1.5 euros). That sounded good to us, so I think we will move our stuff there tomorrow. Other plans for this place are just relaxing and trekking. After Delhi you really need something relaxing.



Having your room in India is a privilege.

Being western here means that you can buy your personal room because you are rich, but it isn’t always possible. At the train station, in the market, on the bus, you have to be in touch with India, and this could be difficult, at least at personal level. Even in your hotel room, you have to find your space, standing in the bathroom trying to not touch the ground, neither the bed sheets.

But it’s not the point. If that happens, it is not a tragedy. A tragedy could be to be forced to live in these conditions, but, if we wanted, we could flee away in every moment. So the point is to find inside you the personal sphere of hygiene, quiet and…love. Cause the continuation of this path is religion, and maybe this is the reason for such kind of religiousness here. Everyone here has to find the ideal inside him or her. I must realize, I’m constricted to find it, ‘cause I am used to such hygiene, comfort and wellness. And maybe, the poorness of religion, or simply believes in our culture are due to the soft reality we are immerged in.   

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These nasty spiders were on our wa…
These nasty spiders were on our w…
photo by: Mezmerized