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We are now on a tropical island called Koh Tao, which means Turtle Island. They claim that some time there where loads of turtles on this island, but nowadays it’s basically a divers’ paradise. We will spend a week here just relaxing and enjoying the life… This is exactly what I need after India and the hospital. Nico is going to do a diving course meanwhile I will just read and spend time on the beach. My body is happy about it because going through the dengue wasn’t that easy.

This is my first time in Thailand and on a tropical island, so I’m watching everything practically with new eyes. I didn’t have an extremely positive picture of Thailand before as it has become so tourist-populated during the recent years.
But now having seen some parts of it I really like this country –I think our Indian adventure is making Thailand’s image even more positive in my mind. At least this island that is not the most mass tourists’ place –although really popular among backpackers- is really nice and quiet at the moment and what is extremely positive to me is to see active non-governmental organizations very visible on this island to prevent the negative effects of tourism. Here time doesn’t really exist, everybody is just hanging around doing nothing else than diving and relaxing.

We skipped Christmas this year. I thought before that it would be a big deal but in the end in this atmosphere you don’t even think about it. I think the only thing I was missing was the Finnish Christmas food that I love.
Last Christmas in Helsinki with rain and +5 degrees we decided though to go to somewhere warm next year and now we are here in Thailand. Not bad. Let’s see where shall we be next year…



Every entry in my Indian part of the blog was a little philosophical due to the amount of weird things you can see there. Now that I recovered from this hangover, I don’t really have much to say about Koh Tao. Why? Because it’s perfect! 30°C the air, 27°C the water, I dive every day, eat fresh, cheap fish every evening and I relax sooooo muuuuch!
Ok, it was supposed to be Christmas time, but I can’t really realize it, I don’t miss anything about it, at least I can opt for thinking that it’s “Ferragosto”.
Bye bye!

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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea