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Victoria memorial. English style....





Our Indian adventure finished in a memorable way; I ended up in a hospital in Kolkata with dengue fever. It was not only that but also tiredness of India, of everything being dirty, everybody wanting your money…we were more than happy to leave this country. Both of us are really full of anything Indian. We need to get a distance because now we just hate everything and everybody… Anyway we have seen many incredibly beautiful things during these two months, so we need time to get our memories positive.


It’s a pity I got sick just when we arrived in Kolkata so I didn’t see almost anything of the city. But the general picture is more positive than Delhi for many reasons, like it’s neither that chaotic nor polluted.

Henni style!
It’s a pity towards Kolkata that we got to see it in this point when we just want to leave India with our minds closed… so this time no chance for the town. While I was in the hospital watching BBC and CNN all day long, Nico got to see a little bit of the city.




No wonders in Kolkata. I passed this week in West Bengal’s capital with sadness, first for Henni’s illness and second for being tired about Indians. In these two months I didn’t realize if India is in such condition because of the Indians or the opposite. Everything is so dirty, so poor, so insufficient that it disarms you, and Indians look at this with no problems, waiting for the next opportunity to take from you as much money as possible, but not eagerly calmly. Maybe it happens only if the gods want to.

In fact there is nothing special in Kolkata, I was interested in mother Teresa’s mission, but I lost all my spin. My only sights were for an English huge dome built in the name of the queen and a dirty, dirty, dirty zoo where the population molests poor tigers, lions and rhinos. I really couldn’t appreciate west Bengal efficiency and services, at my eyes it’s still India, with people who defecate in the street as cows do, others who live in mountains of garbage and these perpetual, maybe holy, pieces of plastic, like a rain of wrong corianders thrown everywhere.


This is my picture, but I want to finish sarcastically:  even in expensive hotels we have found the same disorganization, the same layer of dirtiness, the same aim to cheat. Only during the week inside the hospital (what a hard sofa I slept on!) we found a place were air was good, floors were cleaned every morning and the food sounded safe. But the sensation of cheating didn’t disappear: useless medicines were delivered every moment and some exaggerate therapy was proposed; only to let our trustfulness being lost.

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Victoria memorial. English style..…
Victoria memorial. English style.…
Kolkata style...
Kolkata style...
Henni style!
Henni style!
My bed during a week.
My bed during a week.
photo by: sky69