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The city


Singapore was the end, Brisbane is the beginning.
I think these first four days were as tiring (and exiting) as the past in Asia. Other panorama, of course, and other difficulties, but now I’m proud to announce that we have a place different from our bag that we can call home. OK, we’ll be in the hostel for two more days, but only the idea is reassuring. I have also a bike and know I want to explain why it is so important.

The first sight at Brisbane was really good; everything is clean, organized and apparently brand new. The Brisbane River from three sides limits the business district; heart of the city, which tall skyscrapers makes it distinguishable from every part.
The city
The banks of the river are fully covered by mangroves and lots of pedestrian and cyclist lanes run along them. In the South Bank Park there’s also a public swimming pool with a sandy beach where I go running and swimming every morning. And everything is free. But life in Australia isn’t absolutely free. I’m not referring to the cost of the life: food costs at restaurants and shopping malls the same as in Europe, but at the supermarket it is cheaper. Rents are quite honest for the quality of the rooms, considered that we are in a big city with every commodity. Besides, rents in Italy’s capital cities are now a real theft!

What is not free is to be part of the system that is supposed to be perfect. The second day here I thought I was in Switzerland, with smiling people instead of angry Swiss and a lovely oceanic-tropical climate… the fourth day I realized that in comparison to Australians, Swiss are lambs.
South bank
There is a guide, a booklet, an Internet site for every need, so NO ONE is supposed to help others, particularly overseas visitors, with giving them information. There are no maps of bus lines at bus stops, nor at the bus stations, because in the Internet there is everything. Public Internet is really expensive and if you are at a bus stop (without Internet…) you can call the automatic answering machine, without having you answer. So, feeling innocent, with our European behaviour we asked at the bus driver if his bus was the right one, but he answered that he didn’t know any line in the city (nor his one…), and for that kind of question we were supposed to use Internet….
Also jaywalking is STRICTLY forbidden, with a fine of $150, but it is a police matter. Australians prefer directly to justice you on the road accelerating when they see someone doing this. There are many other things forbidden, each of them written on the walls of stations, buildings, transports and on the road, suggesting you many more ways to break the law you ever imagined.

So, now our Australian life is another story, maybe we’ll have another blog for that but this one has to be concluded.

It’s really satisfying to know that this blog has been read more than 2500 times. It means that lots of you have been following our adventure (as well as our parents!) and this gratifies us. That’s important to know when we are on the other side of the world!
A special appreciation to Fabio Fantuzzi, fan n°1, for his punctuality in being up to date and curiosity about the situations we experienced.

Thank you all!!



This Down under is a weird place. For over 100 years they have tried to create a perfect society here and they have reached a standard, which at least for me starts to be quite scary… I don’t know, maybe I’ve become quite Italian recently in my mind but all these restrictions and rules they have here and which they obey like mad people is a little bit too much. I think I need time to get used to it… Otherwise everything is ok, we have started to settle down, and we just moved in to our new flat that we share with two Vietnamese girls. After these months of travelling we are really eager to start living normal life for a change. There are so many small things you look at differently after this experience. I surely can recommend this kind of trip to everybody!

Thank you all for sharing this experience with us!  

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The city
The city
The city
The city
South bank
South bank
photo by: Mezmerized