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This is our last day in Rishikesh. We just had our final yoga lesson and now we are heading to Pyramid Café for our last supper here. In the end we spent a really nice week here doing three hours of yoga every day and some trekking the rest of the time. So it was actually quite a sporty week. With yoga I can feel the huge difference what eleven yoga lessons make, and besides that our yogin Parveen Badoni just told me I’m flexible enough to move on the intermediate level… now we just have to keep doing it because also for Nico the difference what yoga makes is really big.

Our first stop in the mountains showed me how beautiful this Himalayan zone is; I definitely want to return to Himalaya in the future, especially in the Nepal side of it. Also people in these smaller cities in India are really nice, you don’t have problems going around as a Western girl and it’s not so chaotic as in Delhi.

Rishikesh is a vegetarian and alcohol-free area, so we haven’t been eating meat or drinking anything alcoholic these days. In the end I didn’t even notice that I’m not eating meat, because the dishes they make here are incredibly delicious. Yesterday we figured out this place, which I mentioned earlier; the Pyramid Café. They make completely organic food and offer specialities like Kombucha tea or different things with spirulina. These days my favourite drink has definitely been ginger lemon honey that I have drunk a lot…

Tomorrow morning we will leave Rishikesh and head our way to Chandigar.

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Our monkey buddy.
Some improvement with yoga.
Some improvement with yoga.
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