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What a feeling is it to be back in the modern civilized world!!!!!! Just here we realized how undeveloped everything was in India. The difference is huge between India and Thailand. At the Bangkok airport we were wondering how clean everything is. You are not disgusted when you go to the public toilet or when you touch anything… In two months you can forget the level of civilisation, or lets say that two months in India have made us to appreciate absurd things that we wouldn’t have appreciated in the same way before…


Having read the guidebook I was really prepared that Bangkok is just a disgusting polluted city but actually it’s nothing compared to the pollution in Indian cities. How wonderful it is to see people driving on the lanes in a Western way and to breathe when you take tuk tuk…little things, but the difference between these countries is remarkable.

At the moment I really like Bangkok, its cleanliness and organized city structure. What I have also found is a sushi paradise…and that is something I love.


It’s also an incredible sensation to see again a city without garbage everywhere, to see a city where people are not shitting on the street and animals don’t eat plastic… people are not suffering and life is good again. Also tourists are smiling while in India tourists also had suffering face…








It is incredible! There’s a paradise, and I’m in! Paradise is made by little things: clean, clean, clean sheets in your bed, a W.

C. cover that is not a disease transmitter, roads without garbage and animals, colours everywhere and huuuuge smiles! Lonely Planet’s authors say that “Thais could be pushy and they try to cheat you”. They are saints compared to Indians. Saints.


I think I must rewrite about our experience in India in a couple of months, when I’ll be detoxified from India’s life. Before and during the trip I read about travellers in the subcontinent, like Alberto Moravia, P. P. Pasolini and Sarah Macdonald (Holy cow!), and I share any of their considerations. Reading theirs relates is really transporting, and you have a charming Idea of India and its wonders. The problem is the period. Two months are too much.


Now I enjoy:


  1. Consumerism. Being lost in huge shopping malls, where you can find useless, but also useful things that it’s a gratification. 
  2. A 1kg T-bone steak. India’s only meat it’s tasteless goat and aviary-chicken. Australian cows, I’m coming!
  3. True smiles. I read about true and fake smiles, and you can recognise true ones when cheek muscles are used. Here they use them. Indians don’t.
  4. Regular pollution. This is a real problem, but India’s pollution is an extraordinary problem.


I thank India for things it gave to me, but I warn it to change. Or it will be to late.

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