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Our English class. No tables, no chairs, no books...
Bamboo curtain burning    

We have seen the Berlin Wall collapsing,
And with it Freedom’s Bell ringing,
Why? Why then must we believe
That our prison walls will remain,
Forever and forever – and for ever?

We have seen the Iron Curtain crashing,
And with it old nations in freedom rising,
Why? Why then must we believe,
That the Bamboo Curtain will remain,
Forever and forever – and for ever?

We  know that our brave ancestors defeated,
That once great Middle Kingdom,
Why? Why then must we believe,
This self-styled “great motherland” will last,
Forever and forever – and for ever?

We know that throughout human history,
Kingdoms come and kingdoms go,
Empires rise and then they fall,
That no kingdom and no empire lasts,
Forever and forever – and for ever.

We have seen in our own lifetime,
That despots can be overthrown,
That dictators can be defeated,
That oppression need not last,
Forever and forever – and for ever.

I see our prison walls collapsing,
I see our long oppression ending,
I see us from exile returning,
I see the Bamboo Curtain burning,
Forever and forever – and for ever.

Come fellow Tibetans, let’s not sit and wait.
Come fellow Tibetans, let’s not lose courage.
Come fellow Tibetans, let’s rise up together,
Let’s go for Freedom – we can be Free!
Let’s fight for Freedom – TIBET WILL BE FREE.

From: Tomorrow & Other Poems by Lhasang Tsering



We started again taking yoga lessons. This time our yogi is really different from the previous one and also the lessons are tougher.
The sun was burning my face; that's the explanation of my muslin look.
Our teacher is this Indian guy who has kept lessons in the Western countries that you can see from his way of teaching. The lessons are really gym though we are continuing Hatha yoga. The previous one we had in Rishikesh was this really thin Indian guy who had spent two years in an ashram sleeping on the ground and doing really simple life. Instead this new yoga master is this guy with huge muscles who could have never slept on the ground I think… Anyway the first lesson was ok and we will keep on taking them for the next two weeks.

On Monday I started teaching English to the Buddhist monks. This was by accident actually. We just went to ask to this charity organization about English conversation lessons for the monks and they needed an English teacher for the group that had a lesson in one hour… So with a quick decision I kept my first English lesson and it was really great.
The monks are really eager to learn the language and they have already a good level so that they are able to have conversations. But I think this is one of the weirdest places to start teaching English… It gives you though an incredible feeling that you can help them with something that is so obvious to yourself, your language skills. You don’t have to be a doctor to be able to do volunteering…



We have almost spent two weeks in McLeod Ganj. Time is passing really quickly and we are going to leave this place on Saturday morning. During these two weeks besides yoga and English lessons we have done some trekking. On Sunday we climbed up to Triund to 2700 metres. That trek was really nice and we also cleaned a little part of the Himalays on the way back by collecting all the plastic bottles we found on our way.
(Safe the world!) It’s incredible how dirty this country is. People just throw everything in the nature. Also the garbage collection spots look terrible because monkeys, cows, dogs and birds eat the garbage and carry it everywhere. So you can imagine what kind of mess is this country. And here in Dharmsala they do have projects to keep clean the Himalayn area… But I think the most incredible thing is though the Ganges river which is so sacred for all the Hindus that many claim it can’t be polluted or even dirty. And at the same time they throw there dead people, dead animals, garbage, industrial waste, human waste, … and bath there.

After McLeod Ganj we head our way to Amritsar near Pakistan border. There is situated the most sacred temple of the Sikhs, the Golden Temple.

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Our English class. No tables, no c…
Our English class. No tables, no …
The sun was burning my face; that…
The sun was burning my face; that…
These women do the hard work; they…
These women do the hard work; the…
Somebody looks bored...
Somebody looks bored...
McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes