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We arrived today in Agra. This is something I’ve been expecting for because of course seeing Taj Mahal and verifying if it is really that beautiful are important things. First of all everyone says Agra is a horrible and chaotic city and you just want to see its main attractions and then escape…Our first impression was actually that it was quite calm compared to many other places we’ve seen and what comes to dirtiness it’s like all the rest of India. I’m not sure whether the calmness was because of the fact that today is Friday and Muslims’ free day. Anyway, after having slept really long this night we were full of energy and ready to get a good argue with all the rickshaw drivers and souvenir sellers…

We have our hotel in a position that it has a view from its roof terrace to Taj Mahal.
So naturally first thing we did was to check it out. First impression was that all the photos we have seen about it are not like you see it here. At least at the moment the pollution, the smog is so dense that Taj Mahal seems to be only dirty and grey. I don’t think they ever have days in Agra with a blue sky like in the photos because of the pollution…The air condition here is as bad as in Delhi. But besides these little disappointing facts the actual building is like in the photos. Tomorrow morning at the dawn we’ll have a closer look at this incredible gesture of love.


So we had a close look to Taj. I must admit it really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, though it’s not white anymore, mostly grey. At the dawn it was magical, something like from fairytales… It is difficult to describe it because the whole atmosphere around this building is so particular. It’s not possible to compare it to anything else. One of those musts you have to see in a lifetime…

Our next stop will be Khajuraho, the city famous for it’s kamasutra temples…

reynoni says:

Love reading your blog - see what you've made me become - I'm an e-mail, web junky.
Hope you are keping well, sound like you are having an amazing time!
take care.
Posted on: Dec 08, 2008
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photo by: rotorhead85