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Written by Nicola:

I'd never thought to be anxious for a trip.

I love travelling, thinking of it, planning what to do and when. It has been always a pleasure for me. I spent one year away from home, I've been several times away for a longer period, but this time it's different. Since I left my work, I'm in trouble, but I don't know why. For sure not because I quit my job!!!!!

Now we have only two days to go. We haven't planned anything else than the flights, in this way leaving to the moment the freedom of choice. We'll spend 2 months in India, and then we'll move to Bangkok, where we will have three weeks time to reach Singapore. On January 10th 2009 we'll be in Brisbane ready to begin with Australian way of living.


This trip is one of those once-in-a-lifetime-things I've dreamed about. Still now two days before I can't believe were are doing this, but I'm quite relaxed because I've got plenty of time during the last months in my office job to sort everything out. I think the planning part of these kinds of trips is emotionally as great as the real trip. I loved to read books about these countries, surf all the sites in internet you can imagine and especially read all the hundreds of discussions you can find in Finnish on the traveller site pallontallaajat.net.

Now we are having our last days in Italy. I will definitely miss this food; I've heard they don't eat too well in Australia. This evening we had really good tortellini which for me is one of the best dishes in Emilia-Romagna... Well, I'm excited also to find out how's Indian food, definitely spice! Anyway, I think we are really prepared for this trip. I have so many medicine for  example with us that I could start my own pharmacy... And though we are prepared we have left quite a lot of liberty for the real trip.
clearviews says:
Having lived all over the world and travelled extensively in 2006, I would have to tell you that the food in Australia is excellent and cheap. Much is influenced by our neighbouring Asian counties with Thai being very popular. Enjoy our beautiful country and if you get to Sydney we live 3 hours south and can offer you free accomodation for a short stay
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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