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Last night we decided not to do too much today, and just have a down day, for rest and catching up with emails and sleep, but not necessarily in that order.

Kiara was in bed for an afternoon nap at about 3.30pm (yesterday afternoon -Monday), and didn't wake again til 11.30pm, looking for food. We had hoped she'd sleep through, but our getting-ready-for-bed noises must have woken her. Thankfully we'd left a little rice and curry - just in case. She ate some and had a banana, cleaned her teeth and we were all in bed by 12.30am. It was 8.30am when we woke - wishing it was later. The sky was very humid looking, and turned out to be very humid and hot when we ventured out for beakfast about an hour later. It topped 33oC with 94% humidity for the day.

After breakfast we decided to take Kiara to a Doctor. She's had a bronchial type cough on and off since we got to Thailand, and it seemed to have returned. I had been able to buy some low dose antibiotics over the counter at the Chemists in Bangkok, and they seemed to have helped to some degree. But early mornings and late nights have been compromising her immune system I think. We came back to the Guesthouse to ask Laurie (owner) for some suggestions. He recommended the Chaing Mia Ram 2 Hospital. So we headed off, after haggling with a tuk-tuk driver over his price of 100baht, and telling him Mai (no), we were approached by a taxi driver who took us for 60b.

Australian Health Services should take a leaf out of Thailand's book. We were shown through the door and to the correct desk, by a doorman. Shown where to go to Pediatrics by the reception staff (on the opposite of the room), and then assisted the rest of the way by a staff member. We were in and out of the hospital in about half an hour, with anitibiotics and other medicines, all for the princely sum of 1265baht or $46.50!! And possibly claimable on our health fund once back in Australia.

After that we tuk-tuked over to the tailors for Leanne to have a final fitting of her dress, and then came home after we had walked for a bit and realised just how hot it really was. We went out again later to have some lunch, and explore the Central (local) shopping centre to find some shoes for Leanne. After lunch, we wandered from shoe shop to shoe shop......looking, looking, looking......even detouring through the equivalent of Myer/David Jones, to be snubbed by the snooty assistants who could barely move themselves to assist us. A real surprise, considering how helpfully we've been treated by other shopkeepers and market holders. We found a shoe shop with shoes to fit our Aussie feet, and each bought some shoes, even Kiara got a pair of really nice sandals.  Five pairs for the equivalent of $100 Aussie dollars.
We came home from there to find that Kiara's backpack strap was about to break, so asked one of the tailors opposite our guesthouse to repair it. They did so straight away for the amazing price of 75 cents! They'd asked for 10b or 37cents, but I couldn't bring myself to pay them that for the work so gave them the 20b...for doing it right away.

I came back to our room to be met with the news that Kosin, our driver, had called and was coming to visit. Curiously, we waited for his arrival. He arrived with his entire family including his brother, to give us the news that he wouldn't be able to take us to Chiang Rei tomorrow. Due to a church committment that had been brought forward from next week. But.... that his brother Nue (pron: Newey) would take us in a brand new Honda Accord - lots of comfort and air conditioning, he tells us. We're fine with that, pleased that he came personally to tell us and introduce his brother. Leanne had burned a CD for him of Australian country and some up-to-date music that she was going to give him on our trip, as he loves Australian and country music. She presented it to him then and there. I don't think I've ever seen anyone quite so excited - about a CD! He was laughing and dancing around, hugging Leanne and thanking us profusely with the excitement and delight of a child, that we couldn't help but laugh with him. He and his famly left amid much farewelling, and korp kun krap-ing.

We laughed our way upstairs and readied ourselves to go back to the tailors to pick up Leanne's dress. After which we wandered up the street to the Night Markets/Bazaar just as it finally started raining. It had been threatening rain and/or storms all day, the air was heavy with humidity. We bought a few gifts for those poor souls left back home, and had pizza - yes, U read right, pizza & not even Thai-themed pizza - for dinner. Not the best pizza, but gee, we had to have some junk food on our trip. It'll be the last.

We've just come back in, and Leanne has gone down the lane for a massage, whilst I've gotten Kiara to bed. Immediately her head hit the pillow she was quietly snoring out those zzzzzz's.

We find it amazing that we can walk down the Soi in our pyjamas, with our money tucked in our waistbands, and  no identification,  feeling and being completely safe.
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes