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After an early-ish night, we woke and breakfasted downstairs at our hotel, a la European style. A tad disappointing. On returning to our room to brush our teeth and decide what to do for the day, thinking that we didn't fly out til later that night, I checked our flight details. Shock! We fly out at SIX pm not 11pm as I had thought. Knowing that it is best to  be at the airport 2 hours before, I realised that we would need to leave the hotel at 2.30pm, not the 8pm I had booked the hotel taxi for. Yiikes! Run down to the reception desk praying all the way down the stairs (the lift was under repair) that it could be changed. No problem, smiled the lovely Thai girl on the desk. Phew! Well, there'd be no Airtrain ride, or much else before we left. It was now 11am, and not really enough time to go anywhere or do much. We went to the bar next door and had a few games of pool for the next 2 hours. There were no other customers at that time of day, so the girls had plenty of time to show Kiara how to play while Trent and I competed for best out of......however many games we had time for and could afford.

We then went back to out hotel to wait, Trent utilising the Internet, me reading and Kiara charming the reception girls until the taxi arrived. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check in, look around and eat before our flight.  I discovered I only had about 100baht left. Exhanging money was difficult, as the only general ATM's were prior to Customs. I didn't feel like going through that process all over again, so exchanged a $20 AUD note I had for some baht, so that we could eat. Kiara and I enjoyed our last Thai meal, while Trent wandered off to find some fast food. Kiara & I bought a doll dressed in traditional Lasu costume from a shop dedicated to providing support to those tribes trying to remake their lives away from the opium trade.

Our flight home was uneventful, unlike the Qantas flight 24 hours later which encountered serious problems over Western Australia on the exact same flight path as ours. We arived back in Sydney after very little sleep on the plane. Kiara slept well for most of it, but Trent and I had trouble. I watched 'Children of the Silk Road", a very emotive and touching story.

On arrival back in Sydney, we were requiredto collect ALL our luggage and make our way, via bus, to the domestic terminal to catch our flight to Brisbane. What a rush, despite the 2 hours we had between flights!

Advice to future travellers to Australia, arriving in Sydney with connecting flights: leave plenty of time between flights in Sydney!

We finally arrive in Brisbane about 15 minutes early. Niice. But we haven't really slept for 24 hours. On collection of our luggage we find that Trent's hasn't arrived, and he panics, running around the carousel. In his haste and panic he leaves my laptop somewhere, and it disappears. I have been distracted with collecting my own luggage, and watching Kiara, as well as keeping a lookout for the bus to take us to get our car. It's not until we report his luggage missing that we realise the laptop is not in anyone's possession. It is reported at the same time. Meanwhile, I visit all the car rental desks to ask if anyone has handed it in to them. After 2 hours, we leave the airport to retrieve my car, and while there I'm phoned with the news that Trent's luggage has arrived. WE drive back to the airport, which thankfully is only 1o minutes away, and pick up his luggage. Still no news on my laptop. Too tired to think of further action, we head home hoping that it has been handed in and we'll get a call to let us know.

By the time I finally wound down and got to bed, I realised I had not slept for 36 hours.

It's lovely to be home, but at the same time I miss Thailand, especially Chiang Mai and the warm people and the wonderfully warm climate. In the days following I have cravings for Thai Rice Soup and Coconut Sticky Rice, so go seeking cookbooks with those recipes. I find one and buy it, just for the soup recipe!! A Sticky Rice recipe I find on  the Internet. So easy. We've had it for dinner AND breakfast!! I'm proud of myself as it is just as good as the native Thais make.

Three weeks later, there's still no sign of the laptop, and I'm devastated when I realise all the personal information like photos, autobiographical content - I was writing a book! and other sentimental information I have lost. I may be able to claim the laptop on insurance, but nothing can compensate for what I've really lost. I'm still hoping some honest person has it and intends to return it to the airport or Police. I'll keep contacting the airport and qantas lost property departments until I have no hope


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