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I woke at about 9.00am, Kiara was still sleeping and I wasn't sure what anyone else was doing, until the phone rang with Rick(my ex) saying goodbye - they were heading back to Udon Thani. I picked up my book and read until Kiara woke some time later. We were cuddling when Leanne stuck her head in the door to see what stage of arising we were at. We had no real plans for the day, other than to have breakfast and for Leanne to find some additional luggage to carry all her extra stuff in. She and Trent had decided they want to see the Thai boxing this evening.
Once we were all showered and dressed we headed along Sukhumvit Road to find some breakfast, with Trent (my 15 year old son)the only one happy to stop at large western chain cafes. We eventually found a nice little cafe, and ordered coffee and a variety of meals to share. As we were indulging, another thunderstorm began clapping and banging outside, and by the time we'd finished breakfast it was pouring rain again. Everywhere we've been we've always carried light weight raincoats but only ever needed them when we didn't have them. Did we have them this morning? Not a chance! Trent insisted on buying an umbrella, but we were unable to find any in the shopping centre we were at. Trent did find cosmetic coloured contact lenses that he bought to impress the girls back home. Kiara found a nice pair of pink plastic shoes she wanted to wear for Pre-school. Needless to say, we ended up rather damp and caught a taxi back to our hotel, but only after having no end of trouble getting one to stop. Ever tried to find a sheltered spot while you hail a taxi? - Murphys Law decrees that it won't happen, and it's right!
By the time we came back to our hotel the rain had all but stopped, so Leanne and Kiara went for a swim in the hotel pool - too cold for me!, while I wrote up my diary and Trent played with electronic gadgets he'd bought while with his father.
After their swim we decided to pop down to the street markets on Sukhumvit Road again, as earlier Leanne had seen a bag she thought she might buy. At first we headed in the opposite direction from the morning, and walked for miles on both sides of the road, not finding any cheaper bags. Trent bought some things, I bought Kiara a tiny pair of Levis - so cute - and Leanne bought her Grandson a pair as well. Finally we ended up back at the original luggage vendor and Leanne began bartering with him, before walking off, as she had been quoted a much lower price in the morning by his wife. She eventually went back and bought the bag, for a price I didn't ascertained.

As I write Leanne and Trent have left for the Thai boxing, blood thirty barbarians they are! and we'll all have a bite of dinner when they get back, before Leanne leaves to catch her flight back to Perth at 11pm.

Have no idea what we'll do for the majority of the day tomorrow - maybe take a ride on the skytrain.

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photo by: Deats