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I met Camilla again on the next day early in the mornings. We got a drive to Frankfurt from a car pool site here in Germany.  15 Euros per person, arrived somewhere in the city and found our way to the embassy.
It was a long and annoying procedure again although the atmosphere was less like in Dusseldorf. Everything was clean and bright. Western standards. We were sent up and down the building for copies and stamps and so on. Both of us were quite nervous about the outcome of the day... When the paperwork was done we stood in front of the woman who was in charge for the visas. Her german was good unlike what we experienced before. But to our dismay the woman told us the same story as in Düsseldorf... No visa in less than 6 weeks.
We really discussed the matter for a long time and for a few moments it seemed that we would be able to convince the lady.
But it was a bad luck day. We had to leave the embassy without visas. We were both depressed and had no idea on what to do now. Delay the flights? Not possible for me. The school holidays of my siblings would have been over.
So we decided to try our luck in Düsseldorf again... maybe with moroccan help?

So there we were in Frankfurt... 2 girls who just met through a coincidence a day ago. Camilla told me she had a cousin in Frankfurt that she never ever met in her whole life. It was a nice opportunity for a get together and since we have been there anyway and our ride back was in the evening we decided to call that guy up.

Camilla: "Hi. I am your Cousin. You father was my mothers... blabla.... and your grandfather was blabla... I am in Germany for a year. I am here. Let's meet up."

well that was just a piece of what I would've learned about my new friends huge family line.

Her cousin picked us up. He arrived on a bike which he left right there to walk down the river with us.
He looked fun, had a weird hairstyle and an interesting... aura. In a weird way he felt like Camilla when I first met her on the day before.
That again made me think... two people from different worlds who have never met in their life, sharing similar genes and similar auras.
The day was supposed to get interesting.

So we walked down the river got on a boat and had some original Frankfurt beer. Firstly it was really interesting to listen to two family members who have never met before about their family stuff. And it was absolutely cool how good they were together like they have always known each other. Same wavelength in an instant. And then we got deeper... Talking about bolivian politics. Stuff I would have never learned about if I had not been there in that moment. Man it's going wild in Bolivia. And they were somehow related to some important politicians...
And I always thought my family line was complicated. Hell no that was ridiculous. They tried to explain to me about what was going on in their country but to tell you the truth... all I can remember is that there is a lot going on lol. And that Bolivia aka Camilla was really unique.
She seemed to grew up in a rich family which I never would've thought considering the holes in her shoes and lila trouser that were absolutely worn. She even told me she only had another pair to change. And only those shoes that were so wrecked but she loved them cause they took her to far away places. I mean not so many people go to Germany for a year ( remember it's a western country not Asia) with two pairs of trousers.
She is vegetarian and lives the way she does cause she believes in what she does. Really interesting...

After that very nice conversation the second part of the day started... indeed a very interesting part.
We left the boat and decided to go to Camillas cousins place so she could meet his wife and his children.
Well I expected something... different. Because I was definitely spending my day with two very different and unique human beings.
But I didn't expect that. We walked quite a bit, the day was hot and sunny and then we arrived at a more quiet area of Frankfurt... and then I saw a big tent. As a matter of fact a circus tent! There was a huge lawn behind the tent that was bounded by a fence and in there were about 8 to 10
camper vans. He opened a gate and leaded us to his place. One of the vans.
The atmosphere was amazing... it was one of those hot summer days, the lawn was sun drenched and it was all quiet except for the sound of insects
and the shimmer of the heat. The first time in my life I entered a motorized home. And I mean home. As in always, not occasionally. That was
just the way they lived. I saw the mini bathroom which I even used. The mini kitchen. The mini bedroom. And yet it was big. But what made it different from usual camper vans was... you could tell they lived in there. All the small things you found along the way that you keep, colourful little somethings that have no meaning to an outsider but filled with memories and importance to the owner were all over the place.
I know about people who live like that. But i have never seen it with my own eyes until then. And it was more then enough. I never lived like that but I could tell it was enough.

After I got over my astonishment we walked to the van next door and he called someone out. It was his co... worker? Traveller? Or his neighbour?
Well definitely his friend. A woman. What I noticed first was that she was very natural. I mean really. She was wearing a tanktop and her underarmhair was growing in every direction. It was a jungle. Not that I would've cared I mean she was really nice, still not an everyday sight nowadays is it? Maybe that's why I remember it so well... even the color. Lol ok enough about that...

She asked if we wanted to drink something and before I knew what happened I drank coca leave tea. We had a huge discussion about those leaves.
How there was a necessity of a ton to make 1g of cocaine. Well ok I am not too sure about the ratio anymore but it was something crazy like that.
I was never a person for drugs so at the beginning I was quite reluctant. But the discussion got more interesting.
I found out coca leaves were quite healthy! lol They are rich in vitamins, proteins, calcium, fiber and iron.
In Bolivia they said it was normal to chew it or drink tea out of it. Whereas in some european countrys it is forbidden and legally in the same category as cocaine itself. Which my new friends found ridiculous since it was something they grew up with and that was tradition in their country.
Like beer was for Germany. Except for the fact that coca leaves also have a huge traditional medical use. Against fatigue, headache, thirst, hunger, altitude sickness blah blah...

Well I am good with traditions... and after I made sure that it was absolutely not gonna make me high I chew it. Actually you rather have to put it inbetween your gum and your tongue and sorta hmmm mix it with your spit and suck it. It takes a while until it gets the right structure and taste.
And after another while.... it felt a bit tingling an numbing. But apart from that nothing.
So that was what we did. We sat there on the porch of the van, drinking coca leave tea, chewing coca leave, one or two were smoking weed, sun burning on our skin, summer noises around us... with my new found friends I felt like I was not there but somewhere far away. Where people spoke spanish, the heat was daily and different traditions rule. And no I was not high... lol

Soon the day was over and Bolivia and me travelled back home to Dusseldorf. With no visa but a new friend made through an exchange of tradition and knowledge and understanding.

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