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On the third day we went back to the morrocan embassy. The place Bolivia and me first met and where they couldn't give us a visa until in 6 weeks.
Which would've been too late for both of us. But this time I brought a morroccan friend.
It was ridiculous... He walked in there and we waited in front of the room. After 5 minutes we both had a visa and a stamp in our passeportes,
Our first reaction was O_O and then :-O and then :-D. lol
I asked our friend how the hell he did that. We've been begging, we drove down to Frankfurt and he just needs five damn minutes?
It was quite unspectacular. I'd love to tell you that he threatened to bomb the embassy for our sake or he was oiling that guys palm but no, it was just that simple.
A morroccan man talked to another marroccan man and that was the answer to it.
Maybe and I am just wondering myself...  he didn't give it to us then or in time because we were female or not morroccan.
I don't know and I don't wanna accuse anybody of anything I am just thinking that if that was the case I really feel sorry for that guy.
For he will never see the riches of our beautiful world.

Afterwards Camilla and me were still super happy though. We both were able to step our itchy feet on new land, smell different odours,
see things our eyes have never seen before.... we were able to travel to Morrocco.

And whilst we were so high and happy we both knew it was just 3 days ago we met and it was time to part because her time in Germany was over already. But a friendship was built through all this and we were gonna see each other again.

"Bye Vietnam, see you in Bolivia.", she said. I laughed and answered: "Bye Bolivia, bet your ass on it."

and that's how we parted....

the2kool says:
sounds bittersweet. nice story though. have you managed to see her again since then?
Posted on: Jan 15, 2010
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