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It was early in the mornings about 4 weeks before my flight to Morocco that I went to the moroccan embassy to get visas for my big bro Huy(23), lil bro Honky(12), lil sis Nappy(14) and me. The four of us planned a trip together.
I know, I know... visas again. Why do I always start with these? I just can't help it, I am being followed... they are always part of my adventure. :D

So however I was stepping into the embassy... and it felt like I was stepping onto moroccan territory already. Arabic phrases around me, veiled women with crying babys on one side and dark haired men on the other, talking loud and fast as we sometimes think whenever we hear languages we don't know about. There was some kind of a hectic in there you only find in far away countries, where the western world  with its timetable is a phenomenon. So I was kinda hectored by all the sudden and new impressions around me, did what everyone else did, which was taking a ticket, sitting down and waiting for someone to call out my number. The problem was they called out the number in arabic... Which made sense since I was the only little asian girl in there and no, no germans too. Germans can travel to Morocco for a few weeks without a visa. Germans can travel almost anywhere without a visa... did I mention I wanna be German? :D

Well... an hour passed, then another half an hour...............
There was a girl sitting next to me. She was staring into a little notebook with a big globe on its cover. It was all tattered. It was right after that I noticed she was too. lol She was wearing lila pants and she seemed to have written on it with ink. Her shoes were... well they been walking a long road that I can say. I was interested... and I needed help anyway. She was around my age. "She should be able to speak german", I thought.

I: Hi
Her: Hi
I: I am sorry, I just need some help. Could you tell me which number was just called out?
Her: "laughing" Fuck no. I am also not morrocan.

That's how she won my heart lol. We were like minded people. Lost in a space that was not Germany no more and not Morocco yet.
It was that and the fact that she just had something awesome about her that I can hardly explain.
I found out that she was from Bolivia and has been in Germany for about a year. At that time she was planning to travel around Morocco with a few friends before she was going to leave for home again. She had that nice spanish accent whenever she was talking.

So in an instant we became friends. Same wavelenght I guess. We decided to not wait no more and to go on the offensive... which in that case was to walk past the crowd and fight our way to that person who calls out the numbers. We asked him which number he just called... he told us and then we said we were there for visa issues. He answered: "Oh, visa issues are being handled on the first floor. You could've walked past from the beginning." -.- You can imagine how we said "Thank yoooooouuuuuuuu"

But who cares... I got a new friend and almost a visa. Or not. Cause when we walked into the visa office the visa guy told us there is no visa thing for us visa girls. lol well at least not in the next 3 or 4 weeks.  We had to wait at least 6 to 8 weeks which sucked.
We tried to convince him...

Her: I bought my ticket already.
Me: I bought 4 tickets already!!!
Him: Uhm... yes.
Her: I planned this for so long.
Him: aww... yes....
Me: I planned this since last year.
Him: Yes, yes...
Her: I really have done a lot for this.
Me: I didn't have had one single free day just to make this happen!!
Him: Uhuh... yes...
Her: I really have to go!
Me: Please, I booked the hotels too. You gonna ruin me!!
Him: Yes, yes... uhuh... yes... uhm.. yes....

It was about then that I noticed that guy couldn't understand a word and was not able to say anything else in German but Yes LOL.
We talked to a few others who stifled us in an instance with a comment like: "Sorry I don't do visa issues. Talk to the yes guy."lol
We have been so, so down. It was just unfair. I heard from others that they got their visa right away. Why didn't we get one?
Maybe because we were female? That was a first thought. We talked about it when we walked out... and then someone whispered: "Frankfurt. You get visas there."
LOL.... hmmm the day became even more interesting. It was a woman working for a visa issuance company. She should know what she's talking about we thought. We kept asking her: "Are you sure? A hundred percent?"
And she whispered yea... giving us signs to be silent looking around her nervously. The whole thing was just too funny. But on the other hand... it was hope for us.

So we decided to meet up on the next day and travel to Frankfurt together. I found a ride on a car pool site that students and young people often use in Germany to get around. It is an easy and cheap way to travel in Germany.

And that was how I met Bolivia... aka Camilla.... and that again was how we came to experience a wild story in Frankfurt...

but that'll be in the next entry. :)
Advoc8 says:
...psssst... *opening his coat* ...need a visa? :oP
Posted on: Oct 28, 2008
mypictures4u says:
Looking forward to the next entry. Is there an TNVP RSS feed? ("Thy's neverending Visa probs")
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
lauro says:
hahahahahahahahahaha ^_^ que interessante!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
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