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"Engulfed by the wanderlust, the lust to wander...basking in my dreams"

After alot and i mean ALOT web research on where to go and where not to, what to see and what not, iv eventually come up with an initial plan for my adventure in China next year.

Even though it is still 8 months away i am even now filled with great excitement of whats to come! After talking to many fellow trav buddies i have finally set the wheels in motion by opening a savings account and planning each step of what will be my 1st travelling adventure, and on my own too!

Iv always been fascinated by China's earthy, ancient and mystical charm and have felt the lure to visit the "middle kingdom" for quite some time. To be able to see the wonderful and awe-inspiring craftsmanship of the great wall, to the finest natural beauty of guilin, from the famous and breathtaking shaolin monks and temple to the luscious delicate gardens in Suzhou....China here i come!

Along my journey, i want to emcompass the soul searching rigours of travelling alone, discovering myself and how i react and adapt to a world quite literally a million miles away from my own. The thought of being out there alone, self dependant and meeting other fellow travellers along the way, sharing snapshots of our day over a drink in a wonderful vibrant and lively hostel is what dreams are made of!

So this is where it all begins, the dream starts now...8 months of cutting down on the nights out and saving hard for what will be one of the greatest memories in my lifetime and hopefully a start of something to come.

6 weeks in China, 12 different places, 7,145 miles of travel IN china, submerging myself in mass amounts of history, culture, natural Beauty, and 100's of picture-perfct moments...

This is how im going to do it...

Board an 18hour flight from london to beijing with a brief change in dubai and land in Beijing the following morning.

4 days in Beijing---TRAIN--->Luoyang for 3 days---TRAIN--->Xi'an for 4days---TRAIN--->Dunhuang 2 days---TRAIN BACK TO Xi'an...

Xi'an---TRAIN--->Chongqing 4 days---TRAIN--->Guilin 5 days---COACH--->Yangshuo 6 days---TRAIN--->Shanghai 6 days (1 day in Hangzhou, 1 day in Suzhou)---TRAIN--->Qingdao 3 days---TRAIN--->Beijing 3 days....FLY HOME!!

Roll on 2009!

tommylennie says:
Hey mate, glad to see the planning is coming on nicely. I've just done the same for my Tokyo trip, accommodation and flights booked. But the countdown to actually leaving is killing me! Have a great time.
Posted on: Jun 02, 2009
Aopaq says:
Just saw your visa question in the forum and i can tell you that for tourist (L) visas, things are back to normal now (i.e., pre-Olympics regulations). I was in Hong Kong at the beginning of Oct to get my Working Visa and there were many folk zipping through without the need to show proof of funds, return air ticket or accommodation.
However, as was pointed out, things can vary between embassies and perhaps the word hasn't quite made it to the Chinese embassies in Britain yet. At any rate you still have 5-6 months or so before you can apply for your visa and I would think it will not be any problem for you.
Posted on: Oct 26, 2008
Aopaq says:
Glad to hearing you are learning some Putongwa (Mandarin) because any little bit will help. I don't know if you have heard of the website but I was learning Mandarin there which was great because it is also a social networking site. It allows you to connect with native speakers and may be a great way to make friends with some local people in the places you are looking to visit.
Posted on: Oct 26, 2008
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