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Hola everyone!

Today was another day of amusment and sight seeing.  I started out early...went to Starbucks first.  Thank GOD for Starbucks otherwise I would be a grouch!  Then I walked past one of the Roman Walls to head to Mass.  YES Christian, I made it to mass.  I went to the largest cathedral in Barcelona....the Santa Maria.  It was truly amazing.  And guess what.....I had an epiphany!  So I have come to the conclusion that we don't all just have one story....we have nlots of choices that are given to us during our lives.  We make each and every choice...and by the choices we make, we tell our story.  So in reality, we have several stories...lots of chapters.  Our destiny is somewhat in our own hands.  God can only lay out the map for you, but it's up to you to navigate it yourself.  Sucks to be me, the one who is navgationaly challenged huh?!  Hence my ALWAYS the wrong choice in men in my life!  That's totally changing though!

Anyhow, I then proceeded to the Picasso Museum.  What's up with not being allowed to take pictures ANYWHERE?!  Frustrating to say the least.  ANyhow, it was amazing.  They really laid it out well.  They started with early paintings that he did when he was like 9.  When he was 9 he could paint better than I can at 33....hell for that matter drawing a stick figure is a work of art for me.  That's my way of telling ya'all that he was truly truly a talented man at 9!! 

To reiterate....I want a Rembrandt AND a Picasso for Christmas....along with a statue of myself.  Got it Steph?!!! :)-

Okay, moving along......I then walked all the way do le Vientana towards the beach.  Can I tell you what a sight it was to see females wearing heelswhile riding a bike?  Yes, you read correctly.  HEELS RIDING A BIKE!  Okay, the women here where heels ALWAYS!  OMG!  They are going to have back issues at an early age.  Boots are huge here....doesn't matter how ugly they are either.  God help me if I ever have to dress like them. hehe   ANd......why is it that there are tons of old people with young people....for instance....I counted 7 times today where either a man or a woman in their 50"s was with someone of the opposite sex in their early 20's....and yes they were making out!  WTH?!  Claudia- what do you call a man who does can't call him a Cougar as that is for women he a Perv?!!! :)-

Next, I walked along the Marina and headed for the Sky Cabins.  I took the Sky Cabin up to Olympic Park.....after a 45 minute wait that is.  Geeeshshhhh...we all know that I am ADD so that was difficult for me.  Plus the people here haven't heard of deodarant yet....May I ship them a truck load or something?! :)- 

When I got up to Olympic Park I was disappointed...except for the view.  The view was gorgeous.  The rest was whatever....I have pics of the rest and I am sure you will all agree with me when you see them.  Anyhow, I walked up to the Castle from there.  That was remarkable.  I enjoyed sitting up on the roof of the castle...on the ledge...yes the ledge...they are quite wide so I wasn't scared.  I was able to sit there with a completely clear mind.  It's amazing how being in a foreign country, alone will clear your mind and soul.  I haven't had many people to speak to in english and so I have had a lot of time to sit with an open and clear mind and ponder a lot of things.  I won't go into that here but it's a really nice feeling to be able to do that so freely....very therapeutic!

Okay, I then took another sky cabin down from the castle as I was tired.  Then I walked back down to Olympic Park and waited another 45 minutes to take that Sky Cabin back down to the beach.  Then I sat along the marina and had a snack while people watching and watching the sun set.  It was absolutely beautiful.  If you haven't watched a sun set lately, you should make it a point to do so.  It's one of God's gifts to us that is free and amazing!!!!

After making my way back to the apartment and taking a short siesta, I headed out to La Ramblas for dinner.  Had Paeolla.  Yummmy!!!  I could totally get used to sitting outside every night and every morning eating and watching people.  It's very nice.  I might have to figure out how to do this more often at least figure out how to slow down life at home anyways!  Then hit up a cafe for some tea while being hit on by a couple of locals....YUCK!  It's actually annoying especially when they are agressive!

Anyhow, tomorrow while be another day here in Barcelona and many more adventures.  I have decided after last night that there is NO MORE night life for me.  Zalina- not only is the subway not safe at night, but apparently neither is walking home.  I have the bruises to show for it. 

Love and hugs to all of you!


zalina says:
NOW I NEED to know what the heck happened to you walking home at night in Barcelona???!!! After my little attack on the subway, I took a cab back to the hotel. I wasn't going anywhere near the subway and I was too far to walk so late at night. It sounds like overall you and I have had opposite experiences in Madrid and Barcelona. We have to compare notes when you get back...IF you get back...LOL!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
stefanny says:
so glad you got your epiphany!!!!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2008
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So today was an adventure.  I was completely drained this morning.  My body is definitely starting to feel the effects of the kazillion miles i Have walked.  I have yet to take a cab or metro or anything....just using mi feet!  hehe  Anyhow, I headed up north towards La Sagrada Familia.  On the way, I stopped at a church and sat there to ponder a bit before coming across a priest who blessed me and said a prayer for me.  I am soo working my way back into heaven while here.  Then I stopped in one of the alleys/streets and had breakfast and coffee.  AMazing! 

From there I proceeded to make the 45 minute walk to La Sagrada Familia.  Oh my it's huge and looks to be amazing.  HOWEVER, you can't see crap.  They are doing sooo much work and so much construction everywhere, that it was very disappointing...especially inside.  I have several pics but none are spectacular.  After spending a couple hours doing that, the museum, apartment, etc....I worked my way back south.  Found myself in the middle of the shopping triangle.  Now if I was a traditional girl, I would have been excited over this discovery.  But those of you who know me, know that I was not excited.  I was entranced by the amounts of people there shopping....especially that they were all foreigners like muah!  Amazing that people will shop everywhere.  Don't they know they can do it all at home and not have to lug the crap around?!  Haha

Then I found an Irish Pub that had football on (aka soccer) and grabbed a beer!

From there I found yet another church and went and sat inside for a very long time.  I am certain that Ihave clarity on a lot of things in my life at this point.  Yet again, not a topic for this blog.

I then found La Ramblas....and STARBUCKS!  Yes, I really hope that there is a Starbucks in heaven.....I'm certain there has to be.  Romin if you're actually reading this.....Peet's ain't got nothing on Starbuck's!!! :)-  Also Romin, we'll have to have a political conversation upon my return....I have a lot of clarity on my thoughts on that too now!  You may be speechless when I share a few things with you. 

As I looked at my watch, I realized I had been out and about for about 7 1/2 hours at this point!  Geesh!

Also, what's the deal with everyone in Europe having to smoke?  It's soooo nasty.  Inside of restaraunts and everything.  GROSS!  And don't event hink about asking someone not to, it isn't pretty if you do.  They all need to be introduced to nicorette or whatever the stuff is.

So with that, I am headed for a siesta....then dinner out for my last night here.  Tomorrow I will depart again and head back to Madrid.  So I won't be walking a kazillion miles thank goodness.

I hope this blog entry finds everyone of you happy and healthy!



rocket_2147 says:
you are starting to sound tired. so stop and smell the roses and quit walking so much!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008

So I got into Barcelona mid afternoon on Friday.  It's okay so far.  It took a long time to figure out how to get from the train station to the metro to where I rented the apartment.  Upon finally doing so, I was very pleased with where I am staying. 

So Friday I went exploring up the La Ramblas.  It was somewhat of a let down though.  I was disappointed a bit as it was like being in San Francisco....well kind of.  ANyhow, it was nice outside and the scenery was entertaining.  Then I found the market place....hilarious.  Vendors selling everything from fresh fish to fruits to buts and candy.  oh my!  I watched as I figured out who were the pick pockets and watched them attempt to do their thing....they are really good at it.  I am smarter than you raverage tourist though...I am not carrying a purse!hehe 

I had tapas and vino for it!  Met some British tourists....the entire family reunion that is!  They entertained me for a while.  Then I walked some more..... Steph- they have an H&M here too! Haha so now I have been to H&M in Chicago, SF, San Jose and now Barcelona!  I thought I must buy Steph something from here just so she and I can have a good laugh.  I will say that I pray they don't start selling these same fashions in the US as I will be in  great trouble if I actually have to waer this crap...I mean stuff!

Did I mention before that I want a statue of myself in the middle of a park somewhere close to home?  If not, well now I did.  I mean it....someone really needs to have a statue made of me!  Who wouldn't want to worship that?! LMAO

Today I walked a million miles again.  I walked north and saw several cathedrals.  I actually got to sit through half of a mass at one of them.  It's unreal.  These churches were built back in like the 14th century.  I mean you walk into them and it's like a religous experience in itself.  Amazing.  It's like being part of something so grand and soulfull....I don't know how to articulate it into words.  Just know that I feel like a different person already.

I also went to the University.  I must say that I hope Christian desires going to school abroad somewhere as I am going to encourage it.  It's an experience we should all be so lucky to have.

I am going out tonight to dinner and a bar with a local.  I was intorduced to him by my friend Kat who lived here in Barcelona for 8 months.  She told him to show me around.  The nights here are unlike anything you have ever seen.  The stores and shops don't even open till dinner which isn't till like 9pm.  I am going to take a nap (and set my alarm so I don't oversleep) so that I can make it through the night.

Tomorrow I will hit the Picasso Museum and the sky tram that goes to Olympic Park.  Then Monday I will head to the La Sagrada Familia.  I will keep everyone posted.  I am taking pic's but don't know how to upload them from you will all have to wait. 

I hope everyone is not missing me too much....I can't imagiine not having Robin around for this long...what is everyone to do? hahaLOL!!!




rocket_2147 says:
i am so glad that you are enjoying this trip sooooooo! much. ? what is h&m. don't forget my shot glasses. be super careful please.

love you,mom
Posted on: Oct 25, 2008
stefanny says:
They have an H&M!! What'd you get me??? I would have loved to see the churches're so lucky!! Enjoy your night with the local! Be safe!
Posted on: Oct 25, 2008
photo by: fivepointpalm