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Hola amigas and amigos!

I am leaving Madrid today headed for Barcelona.  Yesterday was a lot of walking.  I went to the Cathedral which was amazing.  Talk about a religious experience.  It makes you feel like such a small piece of the world when you are standing next to or near it...oh wait, we are a tiny itty bitty piece of the world as a whole! hehe  Then I went to the Palace. OMG!  That´s the only way I can describe it.  Absolutely amazing.

There is simply so much beauty here.  People here really appreciate fine gardens and lots of statues.  TAKE NOTE....I want a statue built of me.  In case any of you were trying to figure out what to buy me for Christmas....that would be it! hahaha LMAO!  They ahve statues everywhere...I´m not kidding.  Randomly walking down the street you´ll see an amazing garden in the middle of the road and a statue or multiple statues.  Doesn´t matter.  They also have a kazillion fountains everywhere. 

I also went to Plaza Mayor...which again makes you feel so small.  I loved just sitting in the center soaking up the beauty of it all.  There were a ton of birds as well.  Pidgeons can be beautiful if you look at them with a clear mind.  For that matter, you can find beauty in everything when you allow yourself to.

Also, GOD BLESS STARBUCKS!  Yes I found one yesterday and couldn´t have been more excited...I almost pee´d my pants with excitement...kind of like when my puppy Jack gets sooo excited to see me when I get home! :)-

People here are veyr nice...ZALINA! hehe  I went up north as well to venture to meet my friends for a coffee.  Then back for a siesta and then off to dinner and out for my last night here.  It was fun. 

I will say this though...DOES EVERYONE HERE HAVE TO SMOKE?  And I thought the bars in Chicago used to be annoying.  Man, everyone.....men, women and teens all smoke.  It´s such an ugly habit for such a beautiful place.  Oh well.

I am outta here.  Will keep you informed as to where my travels take me!

Love to all...and don´t worry, I am coming home....eventually!


zalina says:
Yo! Why do I keep getting called out in every blog? LOL! We had very different experiences in Madrid. I wish I would've had yours, that's for sure! Even if I had a good time there, I think I would still love Barcelona more! Eagerly awaiting my next shout-out...
Posted on: Oct 24, 2008
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So after over 24 hours and 3 different planes, I have finally arrived in Madrid.  If I don´t get on another flight anytime soon, it will be too soon!  It´s cold and rainy here, but not horrible.  I am killing a few minutes till check in so that I can take a shower and be refreshed.  Then I am headed to the Prado museum.

I met a girl from Walnut Creek (35 minutes away from where I live) on the plan from Miami to Madrid (which was soooooooooo long....did I mention how long it was?).  Her name is Laura.  She is here visiting a girlfriend from college.  So I am going to meet up with them later tonight after siesta and have Tapas and go dancing.  Should be fun!  They are my age as well.

So far everyone is really nice here.....although could I have picked a country with a worse exchange rate?  I feel as though I am a tourist being ripped off.......oh wait, I am a tourist and they are ripping me off! :)-

I will have more pics tomorrow and attempt to upload them.  But as my friend Dan said, I won´t spend all my time blogging and more time exploring. 


rocket_2147 says:
oh great just what a mom wants to hear when her only kid is in a forien country,alone and someone tries to pick her pocket. but i if anybody knows you, that bitch mode wears well on you, i am really glad that this trip is a life time event,so enjoy all of your time there but be careful
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
zalina says:
Yay! You made it! I'm glad you're having a better time than I had in Madrid. If I never see that city again, I'll be fine. It's the only place in Europe that I've been where I didn't enjoy myself, but I also didn't really meet anyone cool and people were not nice to me. However, Prado museum was cool! Enjoy!!!!!! And careful riding the subway at night, especially if you're alone!
Posted on: Oct 22, 2008

Ok, so I am finally alive!  I feel as though I have been sleeping forever, but the truth is I need more sleep!  Just too much to do and too much to see. 

Let´s start with my first pick pocket experience.  As I was walking through Madrid on my way to my hostal, I felt something going on behind me (keep in mind that it was raining and I had my hood on!).  I turned around to see these two boys (yes if you are a pick paocket you are not a man) one with his hand on my backpack.  I looked at him and said ¨Really? Are you really tring to pick pocket me while there is a cop 10 yards from me?  And you must Really be dumb as I am a total bitch!¨¨  He looked at me dumbfounded and couldn´t apologize enough....dumbars!  Kind of funny but he was still an idiot.  I would see this same idiot later in the bar as well.

Went to the Prado Museum....amazing!  They ahve the Rembrandt collection there right now.  I didn´t want to leave.  It was absolutely amazing.  Makes our museums in the states seem like a joke.  It rained all day and night but didn´t stop me from walking and seeing things.  Although Imust say Thank You to Zalina for conincing me to bring a pair of black boots....tennis in the rain don´t go well together and I def fit in better without tennis.  Made my way back to the hostal for a siesta that was way over due in the early evening.

Got up and went to tapas for dinner with my new found friends and then out to a bar....and another...and another! haha  Made my way home about 2am and have just now gotten up.

My day today will be spent exploring.  Headed towards Plaza Mayor and other sights on that side of Madrid.  I will leave here tomorrow to head to Barcelona.  The down side to the rain is I haven´t been able to take a ton of pics......but for those of you who know me well, I am the original Papparazzi and will have plenty  of pics by the time I get back.

So Cheers for now mi amigos and amigas!

stefanny says:
Ok...I almost pee'd my pants just reading the first few sentences! Only you would get pick-pocketed! hahahaha! Karma's a bitch! haha jk! I love ya and I am so excited for you! Keep writing :)
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
zalina says:
Hilarious! Only you can scare away a pickpocketer! I can envision it, too! I didn't have that experience in Madrid. I had the 3 molesters in the subway! Glad you took the boots! Too bad it's raining, but somehow it doesnt matter when you're abroad and having fun!
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Great way to stop a pick pocketer.
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
photo by: vulindlela