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So here I am on my last day in Spain.  I am torn....on one hand I NEVER want to leave...on the other hand, I can´t wait to get home.  Yesterday was a mess.  It was the 40´s and raining hard.  I was traveling most of the day.  We were going to head to Granada however the train broke down and so on and so on....hence I am back in Madrid instead.  No Alhambra for me this time around.  Oh well it means i have to come back!

Today is sunny but soooo cold!  I mean I fell like I am in Chicago at Christmas time or something.  I keep waiting for the snow to come down! hehe

My last night in Barcelona was low key.  Went to dinner with a local business man I had met through some other people.  Turns out he has a large Janitorial Business in So Cal and guess who he wants to be his broker...YEAP!  Taht would be muah!  See what happens when you spend enough time drinking vino with someone?  It pays off!:)  So Val if you are reading this, remember to tell that new boss of yours that networking IS KEY! 

Yesterday I spent most of the day traveling.  It was a nightmare but whatever.  I made it somewhere.  I went to a pub last night with Laura and her friends (she is the girl Imet on the plane on the way here from Miami that lives in Walnut Creek).  We had a good time and called it an early evening turning in before 11!  Yes, that is early  here.  Keep in mind they don´t eat till 9 or 10.  It´s insane the hours they keep....makes me feel like an old lady.

So I slept in today...slept almost 12 hours and I feel refreshed.  I am headed to the only museum I haven´t seen yet....the Slavador Dali Museum.  See Sandy McSherry- I was listening when I read your email!!!! :)  I am also going to do the touristo shopping things as I know there are several people that expect me to return with a suprise for them.  Those of you know who you are and shall not be disappointed! :)  And Yes MOM- I haven´t forgotten about our silly shot glasses.

With that being said, have I mentioned that everyone here has scooters?  It´s awesome.  People in SF really should get a clue.  Hell we all shoudl for that matter.  With gas prices and all!  Couldn´t all of you see me scooting around town on a PINK scooter?  And Jack could have a little doggie seat afixed to it?  Okay, I know I know...I am being silly!

Well it´s lunch time and I am outta here.  Gotta grab my Starbukc´s and hit the museum and shops!  I hope that you are all well!  And NO STEVE- I didn´t make any bad decisions while here......just not who I am mi amigo!  Didn´t you know I am trying for Sainthood?! LMAO

Love and health to you all-


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photo by: vulindlela