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Finally it was Munich, Germany for the first couple of days of Oktoberfest, which starts on October 20. We took the train from Vienna to Munich which left us at the main bus station or Bahnhof there. Our hotel was the Tulip Inn at Munich Airport. We found out that this Inn isn't at the airport at all and that you need a taxi from the airport to get there. Furthermore, the Munich Airport was far from the city of Munich to begin with. So it took a 45 minute ride on the S-Bahn just to get to the airport, then a shuttle to get to the Tulip Inn, which the Inn charged us 5 Euros for - each way and per person! So every time we wanted to actually go in and see the city, it cost us 10 Euros and two 45 minute rides. The only reason we got this hotel is because everything was booked/overpriced for Oktoberfest. So if you ever visit Munich, try to stay right in the city.

So on the 19th we went to the famous Hofbrauhaus in Marienplatz, the main metro center of Munich. Very cool place and even though I'm not huge into beer, I could drink it like water - tasted great! We decided to visit Neuschwanstein castle for the next day instead of the opening day of Oktoberfest. The town of Fussen (where Neuschwanstein is) looks close to Munich on the map, but in reality is was a 3-hour train ride on 3 different train, plus a bus to the hill where the castle is. You then have to walk up. It was all worth it, though, as Neuschwanstein was one of the highlights of this trip. The surrounding area looks like a fairytale land with nice little restaurants and great views. As you're inside the castle the views are breathtaking and you wonder what it would be like to actually live in this place.

The next day we went to Oktoberfest. We assumed it was at the Marienplatz station, but when we saw that the area was fairly empty and asked around about it, we found that it's actually at Theriesen-Wiese (which is what Germans actually call the festival, or just Wiese). It was what you'd expect: lots of huge crowded beer tents, drunk people, etc. I think they are trying to make it more family friendly by having a lot of rides and games there, like a county fair. Then in the other section the beer tents are lined up. There's a huge dark statue of a women with a lion, which apparently respresents Bavaria and guards the entrance to the Bavarian Hall of Fame or Ruhmeshalle. It's on a hill and people who get drunk tend to rest or sleep here.

I love Germany but wasn't really into Munich, so it will be a while till I visit again. Again - Neuschwanstein made it all worth it and it was a nice ending to a great trip.

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photo by: AleksandraEa