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My first time-lapse of the stars...okay so it's actually a planet.

One of my favorite Ties That Bind would have to be the stars.  Those little bits of light creating a constant among nations and relations alike.  I LOVE them!  Mr. Nelson would be proud to have created such a wonderment of the stars.  In the northern hemi we can see such greats as Orion, Cassiopeia, the Ursas and the 3 of the Summer Triangle (Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila).  This far from comprehensive list needs to include Delphinus-my personal favorite.  Why?  Simple.  you have to actually look for it on purpose.  That trait happens to be shared in most of the things I find are worthwhile. 

Philosphies aside, I've been playing with the camera and tripod to see if I could capture them in their trysts across the sky.  I must remind you all, though, I'm so novice that any photos that even remotely express this are a huge accomplishment for me!  The reason aside from my obvious choice of the Triangle is that their alpha stars have enough of a magnitude to compensate for all the light pollution that riddles my neighborhood.  This is definitely no Tucson unfortunately!  that being said, here are a few pictures I thought you might enjoy.

In the one of the Summer Triangle you can just make out Delphinus to the left of Altair. 

rotorhead85 says:
Nice topic Melissa! Let us know how it's done!
Posted on: Oct 20, 2008
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My first time-lapse of the stars..…
My first time-lapse of the stars.…
Summer Triangle
Summer Triangle
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