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I really liked the decoration of the park, these sort of piles were scatterd all over the place.

Sunday morning, weekend!
Lazy start of the day, usually, not this day though. I had the alarm set on 6.15, planned to leave at 7.30 - 7.45.

So at 7.00 in the morning I was making sandwiches, packed my bag with softdrinks. Grabbed some extra batteries for the camera.

On 7.45 we got into the car, and went away. A stop at the gasstation, and the tank was full, so no worries about that anymore.

So, now for the highway, fortunately at this time of day, not too busy. I hate tunnels, so I always take the bridge, and within the next 30 minutes we've past 5 bigger streams, canals, and even a bay. Two bridges for the Buiten IJ, one for the Amsterdam Rijn-canal, the river Vecht near Muiden, and last but not least the Hollandsche brug crossing the passage between the IJmeer en Gooimeer to enter the former sea polders Flevoland.

Finally they had their boat trip.
That last bridge is worked on since April 2007 for maintenance, reinforcement and enlargement. The lanes are very narrow these days, but as soon as the project is finished it will be great again.

Ok, a couple of more kilometers on the A6 highway, and then leave at the intersection heading towards Harderwijk. Just a two-lane road, but much more relaxed, because there is hardly any traffic on these roads. It changes when at Harderwijk I had to go on the A28 towards Zwolle. Busy rushing again, and it seems there are maintenanceworks for ever on these roads.

Bumping from side to side in the small canal.
.. But at Zwolle  the rush part was over sofar, and within another 30 minutes we finally reached our destination.

A most disgusting incident happened when I parked my car, I noticed a woman with a huge dog, and her son was peeing just at the parking lot.... Yuck! Not decent IMHO.
When we were standing in line for the entrance that very same family was there as well, and that dog of them came towards my daughter starting to sniffle... nothing against dogowners but some of them really don't know how to behave.
(You might have guessed, and yes, I do have a cat at home VBG)


During the month of October the Hellendoorn park was changed into Heksendoorn, just two letters different - in english it means: Witched thorn -, so the name fits perfect for a Halloween theme.

The "haunted" house.

The castingagency arranged our entrance tickets, so we only had to say who we were and we got our tickets. We even had free parking, normally that parking costs 6 euro.

Once we passed the gate the witches were waiting for us. One was moving her broom a bit too much I thought, so I warned the girls to be careful for she might sweep us with that broom. The witch was responding great, she told the girls I did not understand it at all, because the broom was not for sweeping, but .... yes, of course: Flying!


Now we had that straight, it was time to look for the theater, where the castings were held. The kids would go for the fun things in the park, but I rather wanted to wait with those till the casting was done.
When it was BJ's turn to show her musical and acting "skills", together with 5 other girls, we all went to the theater, and all the parents who accompanied the girls were allowed in there as well,  which usually is not the issue.

 But there wasn't enough room in the hall of the theater so we had an insight peek.
Each girl had to sing a song of their own choice, and then do a little role play - improvisation - with 2 other girls, whom they never met before, and then all the girls had to dance together. 
I could not tell if BJ was doing good or not. We were told that it would take a couple of weeks before they could let us know which girl was going to round two.

So, after our "official" part was done, it was time for fun - at least for the kids, I still don't like these parks.

We started with the monorail, I should be able to handle that. After the ride, the kids decided they wanted on the wild water course, so I eagerly offered to keep an eye on the bags, and coats, saying that i did not want to get wet. They assured me there was not a chance getting wet in those big boats, but after a while they thought it was best to go and let me take a picture of them.
And there I stood, watching their slow process in the queue..... After about 45-50 minutes they finally could enter a boat, for a 5 minute ride on the water course, and they thought it was great fun! (Ieder zijn meug, maar ik niet dus - this is definitely not my piece of cake)
So that took us an hour (VEG)

The haunted house, was another thing they wanted to see, and "mom, you can go in there as well, it is not fast, you won't turn upside down, it is perfectly safe, even for you, really mom".
I examined the line waiting for the entrance and I figured it would take about 15-20 minutes, well compared to the wild water course, let's say this is more acceptable, so we took our places in the queue.
The path towards the haunted house was decorated with scarecrows, bales of straw, and hidden speakers with scary music.
Sometimes people do not want to wait patiently in those lines, they press themselves onwards, very unpolite. But when you are nicely tapped on your shoulder, you usually turn around to see who is asking your attention. This was done by various persons, f.e. a hunchback, his make-up was wonderful, and one woman really was startled by his sudden appearance.
The witch at the entrance told us to stay close together, that would be the safest thing to do she assured us. So we took each other by the hand and walked on. Their were some actors who did their scary tricks, they did a good job, but I was not very impressed, because I am not easily scared by this. The thing I don't like is the dark, and there were very dark parts on the way through the house. One dark part led us on a moving or bubbling floor, I think it was a kind of air or water mattress, partly filled. It scared Maartje, (she thought she had to step on a dead body - VBG) but because I could not see anything, I did not know how big that would be. So I let the man who came after us walking on it first, and he made is safely, so we followed his steps.

The next thing they wanted was a roller coaster ride, but there was another long line standing, and they wanted cotton candy as well. So because I still had to make the trip back home, they got the cotton candy and a present from the shop.

On the way home they both fell asleep, I took the quiet roads again, so I could maintain the same speed for long periods. We were home again about 4.15 in the afternoon, and now we have to wait till we hear from the casting agency.


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I really liked the decoration of t…
I really liked the decoration of …
Finally they had their boat trip.
Finally they had their boat trip.
Bumping from side to side in the s…
Bumping from side to side in the …
The haunted house.
The "haunted" house.
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