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We arrived at Singapore to be met at the airport by a very happy Sam (friend from Uni).  It was great to see him again.  The three of us stayed at Clives (friend from Uni) house in Singapore for the whole of our stay- Thanks Clive!!

Clive was at training when our flight arrived in to the airport so me, Laura, Sam and all our luggage jumped in the car and headed for the rugby stadium.  By now it was about 3pm so a good 5 hours of rugby left till the end of the day.  The atmosphere was amazing.  The beer went down a treat and me and Lau definitley had a good boogie to all the music between the matches!!  England was so far doing well. We then headed to Clark Quay ( the party area of Singapore) for dinner with one of Clives friends.  Then we all went to the newly opened Ministry of Sound.  Singapore is so high tech they even had an escalator between dance floors!!

Sunday was the second and final day of the rugby.  We were there for the first match of the day at 12midday.  England made it through the quater finals and then beat Australia in the semi finals. This match was followed by a playing of "Absolutley Everybody" which for anybody that know my love for that song went down a treat.  Me, Sam and Laura danced our most on our seats. At 8 o'clock the players ran on to the pitch to face Fiji in the final. The first half England played really well but it just drifted away from them in the second.  Mainly to do with the size of the Fijian rugby players and not due to lack of skill.  After the match Clive and Sam headed home to watch Arsernal and ManU.  Me and Laura went to find the free shuttle bus to Clark Quay to the Offical Bar of the Singapore Sevens.  The buses didn't show but some how we found our selves on the referee bus which dropped us off next to Clark Quay.  We grabbed a bite to eat then headed to the offical bar.  Within an hour of us being there all the rugby teams had arrived.  it was really amusing there was a real mix of people, some girls who were obviously just there to pull a player and then there were actually the people who had been at the match.  We chatted to a couple of the English players and said well done.  The players we spoke to were friendly and gentlemanly but a few of the English players looked pretty arrogant.  We had lots of fun dancing and watching girls throw them selves at the players.  In the early hours of the morning we were chatting to the Canadian rugby team. They invited us to go with them to another bar.  By this time these were the only rugby players that weren't being extremely sleezy!! So me, laura, 5 Canadian Rugby players, one South Afrian player, the canadian coach and Barry the cultural leason for the Canadian team headed to a bar.  It was pretty dodgy but I wasn't exactl;y worried for our safety with 6 international rugby players with us!! The bizarrest day of my life!!


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photo by: easyjobrob