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A view of Santiago from Santa Lucia

After recovering from the longest day of my life we began to explore Santiago.  On our first day in Santiago the little spanish we speak got us in a sticky situation.  We ordered tea with milk but got a cup of hot milk with a tea bag in.  The funnist cuppa I´ve ever had!!

Whilst in Santiago we managed to do most of the tourist attractions it had to offer.  We climbed a mini mountain called Santa Lucia, where we got a great view of the city and the smog!! On our second day we got a bit arty and headed to an art gallery to see an exhibition of Picasso, Miro and Goya.  We ended the day with a group of people from our hostel including Ash (The guy we flew with from NZ) in a restaurant called The Fat Cow, it sounded a far more classy name in Spanish!!  Later in the week we also visited an other art gallery.

A meal out with friends from the hostel.
  This held a huge selection of Chilean art.  On the same day we also visited a Mexician Exhibition.  We went out that evening with the group from our hostel hitting a few of santiagos bars.  But first munching some pizzas purchased from the supermarket.  These were washed down nicely by a couple of Brazilian cocktails, made by a Brizilian guy from our hostel.  On our last day we visited a huge fish market.  This brought back memories of bangkok.  Waiters left right and centre were trying to get us to eat in their fish restaurant.

During our time in Santiago we also got the chance to experience some of the real Chile.  The day after we arrived protests began in Santiago.  Mainly university students but also some school children and teachers protesting over the possibility of having to pay university exam fees.

Fun and games on a night out!!
Later in the day the  protests turned to riots which got out of hand.  Bricks were being thrown and the army were using water cannons in an attempt to take control.  We climbed Santa Lucia to watch from a safe distance and then a lot of the police that we had been watching arrived at the top of the hill.  This was when we realised that the smoke we could see in the distance was tear gas. The police we trying to escape the gas.  It was really disgusting and really stung our eyes and troats.  But we were fine by the time we got back to the hostel. The riots continued the whole time we were there but the numbers of protesters reduced as the week passed.  This was a bit of a difference from the relaxed atmosphere in New Zealand.  But it was also a refreshing change to see how differences of opinion are delt with in different parts of the world.

All in all we had a brilliant time in Santiago.  Made especially great by the people we met in our hostel and the fun we had with them.  Safe travels to all!!

X_Drive says:
Isn't that hard to get used to.
Posted on: May 06, 2006
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A view of Santiago from Santa Lucia
A view of Santiago from Santa Lucia
A meal out with friends from the h…
A meal out with friends from the …
Fun and games on a night out!!
Fun and games on a night out!!
photo by: Bluetraveler