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ok im laughing as i type as i really will cry if i dont!!

So.....great job, a guy wanting to take me out and i found a flat........yes my smile was wiped right off of my face!! !

i found a flat,ell a room, my manager is renting me a room in her flat, she is nice, with an adoreable 1 year old. Its all fine! Not party central but a bed and a roof which is all i need with the hours im working!

The pub job is the hardest i have ever been made to work. yesterday, i was left on my own (when it wasnt too busy) what happens? About 4 groups of people walk in to worder some food, one couple already walked out without paying (if it happens again the bill comes out my wages!) Then the stout keg needs changed after 3 people asking for a after only gettin showen how to change a keg once, i attempt to change (the most difficult i may add) keg there is to change! I attempt to change the keg and it sprays ALL over me!! ARGH!!

"sorry about the wait sir i was just changing the keg" as i hand over his pint,

"yes i know, i heard you" he replies! OOPS!

So then another keg decides to go!! Argh for goodness sake, why is this happening to me!!

I look in my tip jar at the end of the day.....NIL!!! typical!

ohhh it gets worse........guy situation. Second date, i was meant to meet him after work on sat night, however at work it only says on the rota you work til required! so i didnt get finished til 7.30pm on the night of my date so i text him and said it was pointless the time i got back and showered etc,while i sat and drank my (free) beer at the bar at the end of my shift. I suggested he came to the bar for a couple. As i waited a young guy and his mum (who had been in the bar all day) appraoched me and bought me several drinks, including tequilla and other shots. they were from nelson, hilarious! The mum told me all about her son getting an award for taking a gun from a man who was about to shoot someone....the son was sooo embarrassed. bless! When my date arrived (with his friend and his girl friend) i was fairly tipsy to say the least. We drank on and on.

I stayed at his house that night, he showed me around the house, swimming pool and all, and i insisted he washed my clothes (as i was still in my work uniform) as i had work the next morning at 10am! He washed and dried my clothes. in the morning he made ma cup of tea and took me to work. However on the way i was sick in his van, beautiful!!! I cringe as i write this! I swear it was those tequillas - never again!

Anyway i will keep u posted, i doubt he will text back! haha!


tina_airlie says:
Meant to be meeting him on saturday, but we will wait and see!! haha! I sent you a message on facebook today! xxx
Posted on: Oct 29, 2008
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