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The Beginning!

Why am I doing this ?!  Well .... recent events have lead me to believe that the time is right for a move.

So with some nervousness I have decided to quit my job and take a trip down under with a view to relocating.

Why ... Well like many I have been ill through over work, stress and the pressures we are placed under in the modern work places.

I need to break out of this ... I need to find some happiness again. For many reasons I still have not found my place again in life, after an unhappy divorce I moved to germany, but despite trying hard I still have not found myself happy ... I thought I had found it again here  ... but lost the person I loved very much .... its hard to love someone so much and be so close .. yet so far apart ....

So I find myself at a cross roads again in life ....  What road do I take ...   whats the right direction ... is there one!

Well its not signposted happiness so I have to take a chance .. !

So after a few months break I will go hunt jobs in NZ and in Aus ....

Its  a bad time in the worlds markets but I have alot of skill and knowledge ... I am financially ok .. what the hell ... lets go ...... whats the worst thing ... I enjoy along trip than I planned!

Perhaps a break into an english speaking country will help me break out socially too....

and so I have booked a long trip ...... no plans ..... just go

Is it right .. for now I dont care ... I need to stop feeling the way I am and find something else.

My life and work coach is pleased .. about time she says .. go travel .. no plans .. enjoy the feeling ... excited? 

Well yes and no .. yes and scared at the same time .. excited but  also nervous!

Who knows what the future brings .. but for now ... I made a choice .... lets see where it takes me

I do know that I will meet alot of new friends ... travellers too on their own road and their own path in life ....

But quite where my path takes me yet ... I cannot see .........

margmack says:
I am identifying with where you are coming from in a big way....happy travels.
Posted on: Dec 01, 2008
Clarafina says:
Hey good luck! I maintain Australia is a great place to come to forget your woes for a while - all that sunshine makes everything in life a little brighter :) Plus of course we have the down-to-earth, no worries attitude. I hope this new beginning is everything you hope it will be! Bonne chance.
Posted on: Nov 22, 2008
dl4plm says:
Im sure getting away for a while is the best thing to help .... alot of people have said its the right thing to do :) of course they do haha we're on a travel site ;) Im listening to a lot of the comments though but there are a lot of "free spirits" on here too .. i noticed a number of blogs from people who have broken out of their holes .. I just breached mine :))) quit my job ,.. booked some flights ... now lets see whats next :)))) Appreciate the comments and thoughts ... they are helpful :)
Posted on: Oct 29, 2008
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