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Hurricane Gustav had just come through here and now we had to deal with another major hurricane ~ Ike! Our electricity had only been back on for two days after Gustav knocked it out and now it was out again! We evacuated again, but this time to my Mom's house. It was about 4AM when I was awaken by sirens, the kind that go off here when there is a tornado. I checked my phone and people were starting to text me about what was going on. There definitely were tornadoes nearby. All the power was going out. Power at my Mom's went out just as I was receiving those text messages. The weather was very bad! The rain was coming down hard and the wind was blowing strong! This went on for quite awhile. About 11AM, I realized that I had a voice message on my phone. It was from my boss. He said if I didn't get to work right away I would be fired! At first I wondered if he must be calling from another state! Did he not know what was going on? In the message, he said that they were very busy at work and really needed me! I was in shock! I called work and he said I absolutely had to go in! I told him how the weather was, but it didn't matterto him. I hurried to get ready. It was scary to drive! When I got there, he wasn't even there anymore. Business was dead! No customers were there! The other employees looked at e like I was crazy and questioned why I was there! I couldn't figure out why they were there! This was insane! They told me to go home. But, before I could leave, we noticed the water coming up quickly in our parking lot! We were flooded in from the front of the lot! We called the state trooper hotline and they said the road we were on was closed! Great! How were we supposed to get out? The water was rising fast! We tried another way out around back, through the parking lot of the hotel next door. That was also too flooded to get out. We went in the opposite direction to a big store and gas station. It was also flooded. This was not looking very promising! I just wanted to get back to my Mom's house and be safe! After sitting and watching other vehicles going through the water in different spots, I decided on a spot where I was sure I could make it through. It was scary, but I made it! What a relief! I hurried to my Mom's! I couldn't wait to be safe in the house! What an adventure! Thank God, we didn't have any major damage. We just had a lot of water everywhere because of the wind blowing it in from the lake and gulf. I have really had my fill of these hurricanes!
ishi says:
Posted on: Oct 25, 2009
bkretzer says:
It sounds like you boss is an idiot!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2009
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