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Waking up at 5 in the morning is never fun. Today would not be an exception. I had to be up to catch the bus to Golfito. Unfortunately that means gettign the 5.30 bus.

I have previously mentioned the painfully bumpy road that the bus must go along. It is far worse when the bus is over crowded and you let an old man take your seat. This time I was less concerned with the over crowding of Punta Banco due to paved roads than I was with the length of this very bumpy journey.

By the time we reached the ferry I was so tired and could harldy speak to Coralia and Stephany who were also heading back to San José today.

It felt like it took forever to reach Golfito finally but at least we made it in plenty of time for our bus. If we did not have Stephany with us, myself & Coralia might still be there wondering where to get the bus. After a quick bite to eat and a chance to check our emails, we headed to the police station as we had another person to being in town today.

Recently there has been a lot more activity from the poachers and they were certainly getting more aggressive and not shy about having guns about themselves. The project used to employ the coast guard to do patrols from time to time but this has not happend in quite awhile. The poachers know this.

We eventually got to talk to somebody at the Coast Guard and in no time at all had we arranged that they could send somebody down to Punta Banco within the week and we can take it from there to arrange something a little more regular. This will be an amazing boost to the project. The Coast Guard have the power to arrest and charge any poachers that they come across, and if necessary to use force to prevent them.

With all that sorted and a happier feeling in my body, we boarded the bus to San José to put an end to this leg of my trip. Time for me to finally kick back and start travelling for fun.

Eventually we got into San José, it was already dark. I suddenly realised that I forgot to book a place to stay. Luckily Coralia had. She had arranged a pick up from the station and the guy was nice enough to drop me off afterwards to the hostel that I hoped to stay in. He did of course charge me at the door even if he never mentioned it beforehand.

I managed to book into a hostel, it was Pangea Hostel, all the guide books highly recommend it. The rooms werent great but the pool certainly looked cool and the views from the roof top bar were pretty cool. I didn't do much tonight apart from a few beers up in the bar and finally trying to cathc up with my emails.

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