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Beginning The Exhumation

Life is a confusing web of contradictions where nothing is ever as it seems for long. On the one hand you have life and on the other you have death. The grey area in between is where we realise that nothing is simply blanck and white.

Life just aint designed that way. I guess you just have to take the good with the bad as they say.

The reaons I got thinking about the whole life & death situation is due to the turtles on the beach that we were trying to look after.

So far all my nights have been very productive, finding on average at least one turtle nest a night although I did have one or 2 nights without any thanks to the poachers who comb the beach at night. These are not nice people as you might guess.

Granted some of the poachers are simply people who are trying to feed their family which brings us to a very murky moral issue.

The Findings
Is it right to steal a loaf of bread to feed a family? More importantly, how is eating the eggs any different to eating chicken eggs or killing a cow to make burgers. I understand that chickens and cows are certainly not endangered but they dont see it this way.

Far worse are the poachers who steal the eggs to sell them on the black market as a natural form of viagra!

Today I helped out with my first exhumation. After a large proportion of babies have hatched, we dig up the hole to help out the babies that have yet to surface and look for those that never hatched or may have broken. It was interesting to see a load of babies alove at the bottom of the hole next to others that for some reason or another had not been so lucky.

Why did some survive and others die? I don't know but this meant that on one hand we had some turtles to release but on the other I had to bury my first turtles that were not so lucky.

Some Turtles Just Never Have A Chance From The Start

Once again I must add that the baby turtle I picked to win the race to the water took his time and let his brothers and sisters enjoy their time in the sunshine. Dave could have won of course, if he wanted to. Nice guy eh?

This entry has gotten very serious in a very incoherent way but the day wasnt as deep and serious as I am making it sound. Tonight we had the long anticipated Scrabble Championship.

Elias had never played scrabble before and since we introduced him to it he became obsessed by it. Once we got past the whole spelling out dirty words part of our male psyche, we undertook some serious competition. Honestly I had not played it in years, and living on a beach should make you think there is other things to do....but this became the highlight of the day, oddly enough.

I was teamed up with the wonderfully child-like Coralia. She is a genius. I did manage to score some of the big points but ulimately we defeated the competion and stood victorious as Scrabble Champions of Punta Banco!!! We kicked some serious ass!

derekbilldaly says:
Cool, I will have to venture over to cheer on a few of them some day!
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
oldschoolbill says:
I have seen the "little ones" at Indian Rocks Beach headed to the water will me Cheering!!
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
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Beginning The Exhumation
Beginning The Exhumation
The Findings
The Findings
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Some Turtles Just Never Have A Ch…
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