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Two big trees completely uprooted
We felt we had to get away from here because we are surrounded by water (Lake Ponchatrain, Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico). We thought we would be okay just going as far as my sister's house. We were so wrong! The power went out almost immediately. There were tornado warnings all around us! It seemed like the rain and wind would never stop! If my sister's trampoline would not havwe been tied down, it would have flown over into the neighbor's yard! Trees were falling down everywhere and power lines were hanging in the roads. Shingles were flying off and metal was twisting. We had ten people and two dogs in the house and we were all miserable!  With no electricity, we could not cook, have lights or take warm showers. The cold showers were not bad since we were so hot.
A big tree fell on this house, then onto the ground
 We cooked everything on the grill, which was actually nice. But, at night, when we needed to sleep, it was rough with no air and lots of mosquitoes! We had to sleep with all the doors and windows open. That is, the windows that weren't boarded up.
And once there was no ice to be found anywhere near where we were, we could no longer keep food cold. We had to throw what we had left in the ice chests away once the ice melted. We had all brought lots of canned foods and snacks just in case and it was a good thing we did. After six days there, we went to my Mom's because her power was on.  There was damnage there, also, as you can see in my pictures. She lives in Lutcher. It was five more days until my power came back on and we could go home. There was a good bit of damage here, also. I had already been out of work for over a week, but I was able to go back a few days before Hurricane Ike hit us. We only had power for two days before Ike was here and knocked it out again. But, that's another story! 
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Two big trees completely uprooted
Two big trees completely uprooted
A big tree fell on this house, the…
A big tree fell on this house, th…
My brother cooking on the grill si…
My brother cooking on the grill s…
Denham Springs
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