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More photos from my dives in the area. I started to really enjoy my night dives. We went out the last two nights and two nights ago we saw the coral spawning. WOW!!!! I have wanted to see the coral spawn since i first learned about it. It usually takes place after the full moon in november. We did our dive not really considering this fact, but i was happily surprised to see it. It you didn't take the time to appreciate it all you would see is just poor vis. But if you look at the small particles in the water you can see the eggs. Looking very closely at the corals you can see the eggs and sperm being released. It was an awesome thing to see.  This also brings out alot more life because the fish and other creatures eat the eggs. Night dives really make me feel as though i were in an alien environment. You can only see the area illuminated by your torch and all of your senses are heightened and different from anything I you feel on the surface, or even diving during the day.

Photography at night has been extremely difficult. First off the lighting is an issue but more importantly I have not been able to do a night dive for myself. I have been in charge of watching other divers to make sure we dont get separated etc. This usually means i am in the back and I get the poorest visiblity. But i will get some good night photos soon. In the mean time enjoy the new photos I have taken during the day.

keef_mon says:
no i dont but i should start doing that. My only critter log is my photos!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2008
sirgerald12th says:
Do you keep a log of underwater creatures you see? Diving at night sounds so thrilling!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2008
keef_mon says:
it is a bit scary but more than anything it is exhilarating. I love night dives!!!! I forgot to mention the phosphorescent plankton. If you turn off all of your lights and move your hands around, little creatures light up all around you. It looks like sparks coming off of you as you move. And then once your on the surface swimming back you seem them even more. Its amazing
Posted on: Nov 17, 2008
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photo by: ice4swervin