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Making vases and tablets of alabaster for tourists

I can imagine somewhere in Holland there's a woman proudly telling everyone how her husband bargained 150 dollars off of a beautiful stone cat...


Yesterday, on our way to Hatshepsut's temple, we visited an alabaster handicraft shop. The alabaster handicraft shop has a work corner where three men were making vases. They did a little performance for us with a song they sang about making a stone vase. The shop was full of souvenirs without price tags, so when you’d like to buy, just ask the attendance and he’ll make a special price for you.


So we asked one of the attendance, a 17 year old boy I think, how much a vase costs.

I downloaded this just now on internet on a british site for sell for £32.95
He told me a price that was way too expensive. So I bargained, but we didn’t come to a good price. He looked around and said with a smile “Kiss each other now and I’ll see what I can do about the price”. I was shocked by the question, so we didn’t buy the vase. This wasn’t the only incident we experienced in Egypt, but I’ll keep the other stories to myself..


An elderly woman in our group saw a beautiful black stone cat and fell in love with it, she asks her husband to buy it for her. So the husband asks the shop owner how much the cats costs. “300 US dollars” he said, without blinking an eye. “That’s too much”, “How much then?”, The husband didn’t want to bargain, but the wive insisted. So they asked for 150 dollars. The owner disagreed and began to talk about how many labour it had cost to make such a beautiful cat. But finally he agreed to sell it for US$ 200. Still too much for the husband and it was time to leave. So we sat already in the bus when the shop owner came out from the shop with the cat in is hand, with an angry face. He said things about not being able to feed his wife and children en so on… “But here’s the cat for US$ 150”. The husband paid the money and the wife was happy.


Two days later in Aswan, we saw the exact same cat in a fine souvenir shop with fixed prices for only US$ 15,- (we didn’t tell the couple ;-))

YantiSoeparno says:
Wah kurang ajar ya. Gak sopan bener tu orang. Apalagi ama orang asing. Weleh-weleh jadi serem juga ke sana...
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
IndoMaluku says:
Maksudnya, kami disuruh ciuman di depan dia, nanti biar harga barangnya direndahkan. kurang ajar kan!

What I mean with keeping the other stories to my self, is just to say this is not the only incident we had with some respectless, oversexed egyptian men.

I would love to have seen it the other way, but this is what I experienced one week in Egypt...
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
YantiSoeparno says:
“Kiss each other now and I’ll see what I can do about the price” --> maksudnya apa?

I’ll keep the other stories to myself.. --> apa tuh ceritanya? pake rahasia-rahasia segala. Kalo rahasia gak usah ditulis kalo ada stori lain...

Posted on: Nov 26, 2008
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Making vases and tablets of alabas…
Making vases and tablets of alaba…
I downloaded this just now on inte…
I downloaded this just now on int…
photo by: LadyMaja