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Baltika-7 (1L) - went through a substantial amount of these in 3 days.

Some stats

  • Days - 3+
  • Time Zones - 5
  • Miles - 3100
  • Kilometers - 5000
  • 1 Liter cans of Pivo Baltika - don't remember
  • Bottles of Vodka consumed - 5 (by the entire group)
  • Longest card game - 3.5 hour game of Hearts
  • Birch trees passed - countless thousands

0 Hours - 4:30 PM Local Time (11:30 AM Moscow Time), 5185 km from Moscow

Train leaves Irkutsk around 4:30 in the afternoon for the 3 day journey across Russia.  Spirits are high.  Food and beverage supplies are stocked.  Batteries are charged.   Ready to go.

T+ 2 Hours - 6:30 PM Local Time (1:30 PM Moscow Time)

Service cart comes through and the first Baltika is purchased to accompany a dinner of noodles with some fruit picked up in the market earlier in the day.

Yenisey River (Krasnoyarsk)
  After dinner the music and cards begin in earnest.

T+8 Hours - 12:30 AM LT (7:30 PM MT)

Call an end to the first evening's activities and festivities.  First bottle of vodka is finished.  Someone also had a bottle of wine that was consumed as well (not with the vodka itself, but in between).  Jon and I begin our domination of card wars.

T+ 18.5 hours - 10:00 AM LT (6:00 AM MT), 4100 km from Moscow

Cross the Yenisey River and pass through Krasnoyarsk.  This major river starts in Mongolia and flows northward to the Kara Sea (Arctic Ocean).  Enjoy some time to stretch the legs briefly on the platform when the train stops for 20 minutes or so. 

T+ 20 hours (approximately) - 11:30 AM LT (7:30 AM MT), 3933 km from Moscow

Pass the halfway point of the overall journey between Beijing and Moscow, meaning we have travelled 3933 km so far and have about the same to go.

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Baltika-7 (1L) - went through a su…
Baltika-7 (1L) - went through a s…
Yenisey River (Krasnoyarsk)
Yenisey River (Krasnoyarsk)
Birch trees, birch trees - I saw s…
Birch trees, birch trees - I saw …
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Sites along the Trans-Sib
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photo by: Biedjee