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Kids playing in a tree in the courtyard of Kathmandu Guesthouse.


Woke up early to change rooms at Kathmandu Guest House (KGH), into a cheaper room that I would be paying for between treks.  Met up with Patrick, Roman, Jess, and Nikki and went shopping for souvenirs, followed by lunch at Third Eye Cafe (some decent Indian cuisine here).  Back to the guesthouse for a final drink before Patrick caught a taxi back to the airport and his flights back to London.

After relaxing a bit in the late afternoon, I met back up with Roman, Jess, and Nikki for dinner at Roadhouse Cafe.  Some good pizza's here for a decent price (but prices are closer to western prices here in Thamel than in other areas of Kathmandu).

Kathesimbhu Stupa
  After dinner we hit up a bar for a brief time for some music and drinks before returning to KGH.  Roman was staying in the extra bed in my room this evening before leaving in the early morning for his flights home as well.


Up early (5:45 AM) to see Roman off and say final goodbyes to him and Nikki who were sharing a taxi to the airport.  Back to bed for a few hours before getting up to explore a bit more of Kathmandu.

Headed down towards Durbar Square in the morning the old center of Kathmandu and the location of many old Hindu temples.  Just walking down the streets saw many smaller Hindu temples and shrines dotting the cityscape.  Down one sidestreet I saw a large Buddhist Stupa.  This was Kathesimbhu Stupa a smaller copy of the huge Swayambunath Stupa further on the outskirts of town.

Durbar Square
  It was quite peaceful here and I sat for a while in peaceful contemplation (practicing my new found Buddhist nature, I suppose).  I was interrupted by a local who proceeded to tell me a story about the area and the temple and also about Thanka Paintings and the mandala (a central tenet of Buddhist meditation).  It was interesting to hear the stories even though I knew right away that he wanted to sell me something.  Eventually he led me to his store across the square, where I had a look at several paintings.  The paintings are incredibly detailed and exquisite.  However, I begged off by saying that I was heading off on a trek and had nowhere to store such an item on my travels.

From there it was down to Durbar Square itself.  A large open area of temples and palaces, this is a very impressive location.

A small temple a short distance away from Durbar Square
  The location also houses the Kumari palace where a young girl is worshipped as the Living Goddess (of the Hindu goddess, Durga).  It was an interesting day on Durbar Square today.  Many locals were around and wandering around a bit I realized they were shooting a movie or music video of some sort on the steps of one of the temples and many Nepalis were around taking a look.  It took a bit away from the significance of the sire but was still an interesting location nonetheless.

I had a quick lunch on Freak St., the original hippie hangout in Kathmandu before Thamel became the more centralized tourist area, then returned to KGH.  Met up with Jess to talk about plans for tomorrow.  Thought about biking from Nagarkot to Bhaktapur but prices were a bit expensive so we decided to just get a taxi to Bhaktapur and explore instead.

A small Statue in a Hindu temple area off the road in Kathmandu.
  Went to dinner at Four Seasons later in the day and then back to KGH where I crashed for the evening.

A word on Kathmandu Dining

The Thamel area of Kathmandu has some very decent restaurants offering a variety of cuisine from Indian, Thai, Italian, and Continental menus.  Many of these restaurants are run by ex-pats and bring these different cuisines to the tourists in the Thamel area.  That said while not having to pay Western prices for a meal, the meals are quite expensive a bit more expensive than one would think to be spending in Nepal.  But after trekking for three weeks where food was decidedly average it was quite a welcome respite to enjoy some nicer meals and an occasional glass of wine or a bottle split amongst the group. 

One other thing about food in Kathmandu is the fact that a meal is subject to a 10% service charge and then 13% VAT tax on top of that to the total bill.  Basically means everything is about 25% more expensive then what is listed on the menu (unless the menu states that these charges are included).

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Kids playing in a tree in the cour…
Kids playing in a tree in the cou…
Kathesimbhu Stupa
Kathesimbhu Stupa
Durbar Square
Durbar Square
A small temple a short distance aw…
A small temple a short distance a…
A small Statue in a Hindu temple a…
A small Statue in a Hindu temple …
Shooting a movie or video on Durba…
Shooting a movie or video on Durb…
Selling knock-knacks near Durbar S…
Selling knock-knacks near Durbar …
Annapurna Circuit Gang!
Annapurna Circuit Gang!
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