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Went down to Phi Phi today for two salvage dives.  First dive was at Hin Bida an underwater pinnacle that we had visited previously on Feb 18.  At that dive Andrea, Esmee, Valorie, Marie (divemaster) and I worked on a large fishing net that was draped and wrapped around a section of staghorn coral.  What was incredible about this net (or maybe nets) is that it extends for well over 100 meters that we can see wrapped in sheets through the coral on the sea floor.  We had worked on it for a bit that day but there was still an incredible amount to go.

So we returned today and this time it was myself, Mia, Mariana, Naama, Valorie, Rachel, Pam (dm), and Denis (dm).  We found the net from the surface and descended the 16m down to the net to start working.  Again it was slow tedious work.  Snip, snip, snip and put the piece of net into a salvage bag.  Snip, snip, snip again.  In the time allotted via the air in a cylinder its not possible to clear much with as entangled as the net is in the coral.  Amazingly Denis estimated when we surfaced that if we were lucky we had collected 1% of the net on our two dives so far.  Lots of work to go.

Second dive was at Koh Bida Nai an island at the south end of the Phi Phi group.  There were some smaller fishing nets that we could collect here, but we had to go down to 25m to get them.  So we had a pretty short dive - about 38 minutes due to avoid a forced decompression stop and other issues.  But we brought back some more full salvage bags of net and other garbage from the sea floor.

March 6 Update - We went back to Koh Phi Phi today and on one of our dives were back at Hin Bida picking up more net.  So much stuff to do, not nearly enough time to do it.


vances says:
This could be the only time a net gain is a net loss!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2009
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